Anon System Experiences – Operation & Test Results

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Welcome to our review of an automatic Anonymous trader, or an anonymous trader!

This is a brand new binary options system, which has only just been launched, but has already caused quite a stir.

The infamous “Anonymous” collective had made a public announcement last May about their newly released trading system. That revelation came alongside the unveiling of China's digital cryptocurrency yuan, showing that the increase in cryptocurrency's popularity could provide high returns.

In addition, apparently a recent survey of thousands of online traders worldwide found that the trading functionality of this “Anonymous” system drastically outperformed the average returns otherwise achieved by investors.

The Anon System, as their system is called, claims that it was set up by a group of anonymous traders who hacked into binary options.

They claim that their system is absolutely the right tool for making real money with binary options and that users can even see thousands of dollars in profit per day!

The concept is certainly quite unique and the claims are quite bold, so take our extensive test here today to find out if it's a scam or if it actually works.

What is Anon System

The Anon System is an automatic trading system.

According to the creators themselves, they have worked hard on it for more than 3 years and it is now finally ready to change the world!

According to these anonymous traders, thanks to the Anon System, the distribution of wealth among the citizens will change and it will do everything it can to allow its users to live in complete financial and emotional freedom.

DUsers do this by taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) optimized automated investment decisions that leverage a high-speed internet connection to the stock market and cryptocurrency price servers.

According to the representative of the “Anonymous” group, “The first step was to develop an AI algorithm, which can select the best geographic location to host a server for receiving cryptocurrency price information before it is publicly available.

Our AI analyzes millions of transactions and by placing a server for the Anon System right where it works best, we can access prices for minutes before the public sees them".

“Second, we used a backdoor to these servers to send cryptocurrency prizes. Every time a transaction is made at a certain price, it has to be distributed among the major exchanges.

Taking advantage of the super-fast internet connection and vulnerability of the server, the Anon System can predict price changes before they happen. "

How does Anon System work?

The Anon System was developed through Machine Learning, and the system's fast servers are located geographically close to major exchanges.

This means that the system can very quickly see all price changes before they are publicly displayed on the exchange websites.

This allows the system to make trades profitable in anticipation of the price changes.
Anon System does to cryptocurrency exchanges what High-Frequency Trading does to regular exchanges. Using powerful calculation algorithms and super-fast internet, it can execute a large number of transactions in a split second.

Anon System further integrates with regulated financial brokers that facilitate this cryptocurrency and asset trading.

Then, using the algorithm described above, it places trades in anticipation of price movements and closes its positions at a profit once the price change is publicly visible.

Is Anon System a Scam? New!

We couldn't find anything about this system that may have been linked to a scam.

On the other hand, we have read that Anon System comes highly recommended in other reviews, because according to them any novice or experienced investor could be successful with this Anon System software in no time.

How does trading with Bitcoin Anon System work screen

The Anon System app is a legit crypto trading system!

Okay, the promised profit of 2.500 euros per day is really not realistic or true, but it is certainly possible to book a reasonable return!

You have to open your own Anon System account with well-regulated brokers, so that sounds reassuring too.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that all types of trading transactions come with their own risks and there is certainly no guarantee of profit with any robot!

Our experiences

Anon System uses AI optimized investment decisions and vulnerabilities in the cryptocurrency pricing server. “Anonymous” claims that the system was developed based on the most advanced machine learning.

By using powerful computer algorithms and super-fast internet, it is capable of executing a large number of transactions in a split second, which can bring significant profits to the user.

All functions are performed in the Anon System at the click of a button, so it is also suitable for complete beginners. Anon System is extremely simple to use.

Anon System does not participate in the deposit process itself, as this is all done through trusted brokers on their secure web pages, so all your details should be safe.

Logging in to Anon System: How do you create an account?

The Anon System platform is currently available completely free of charge to a limited number of users in order to prevent server overload and to guarantee maximum efficiency according to the maker.

Registering is quite easy. Just follow the steps below to be able to trade very quickly with this unique bot.

Step 1: Register on their website

Visit the Anon System website and create your free account† You do this by entering your name, email address, password and telephone number on the main page of this website.

You will then be taken to another page where you will be asked to sign up with a broker in your area. This is a mandatory step to gain access to this system.

Anon System therefore only asks you for the minimum necessary data to be able to use it and secures it.

Account register form Anon System

Step 2: Deposit at least €250

Anon System connects for you to an available broker that is fully licensed and regulated.

Then deposit cash into your trading account via their secure web page.

The minimum required deposit is 250 euros by default, but a broker may have their own requirements.

The deposit process is also simple and can be done through any major bank or credit card company.

The regulated brokers occasionally have their own service representatives available to guide you through your investments and possibly confirm your identity.

So make sure you have your mobile phone to hand.

Step 3: Trading Demo

After the registration of step 1, a demo account with 1.000 euros is immediately available to explore the system.

Anon System Crypto bot users earnings

Only when you deposit a minimum amount into your trading account, as mentioned in step 2, the demo account will transform into a real account!

Step 4: Live Trading

After the minimum deposit you can easily start the automatic trading process. Live trading with the Anon System is really quite easy.

If you still have questions, the broker or service employee can guide you through the functions of this robot as a user.

Is it worth opening an Anon System account?

A global survey of 7.680 online traders found that Anon System outperformed average investor returns.

But whether this will also be the case for you as a user depends on your own experience, plus the way you will use this robot.

1. Earnings

The Anon System claims that every user can take advantage of their winnings and promises up to 1.000 Euros in daily income for everyone who registers.

This is too optimistic. Yes, it is possible to achieve a nice return proportional to the minimum investment, but it is equally possible to lose all your invested capital.

2. Customer service

A broker and possibly associated service employees will be assigned to your Anon System account to assist you with all your questions about the operation of this trading robot.

3. Demo version

Anon System's demo account prepares you for live trading by trying out all kinds of different settings.

It immediately provides you with 1.000 euros in demo capital to enable a market experience, and thereby give you an idea of ​​what to expect when trading live afterwards.

4. Verification System

All regulated brokers associated with an Anon System trading account are required to verify the identities of their users in accordance with the regulations imposed on them.

So, according to the general guidelines of their regulators, you may be required to provide a scanned copy with a clear photo of your ID or driver's license to verify this information.

5. Deposits / Withdrawals

All deposits are made through the assigned broker. You usually only need 250 euros to trade with Anon System.

The money deposits mainly take place via bank transfers or credit card transactions. Withdrawing money also takes place through the payment system of the connected broker.

6. Fees

The bot itself is completely free to use and does not charge any extra costs, but the brokers may indeed demand a small fee for their intervention.

However, this would be negligible if you can generate a pleasant profit.


Yes, of course! Anon System seems to be absolutely legit.

Positive reviews can be found on the internet, with statements from users that they get a reasonable return.

The earning potential of Anon System depends on many factors.

For example, the level of the invested amount may apply, the trading settings that you set in the robot itself and what the financial conditions are on the trading market.

With the right combo there is of course money to be made!


The payment system associated with Anon System allows for fast withdrawals, provided the partner broker who manages this executes your request quickly.

Yes! The Anon System is completely free to use.

However, this may change. If you also want to benefit from a free license, sign up directly via their official website.