Bit Index AI Review & Experience 2023 – Scam or Trustworthy?

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Whether the price is high or not, cryptocurrency trading remains more popular than ever. Both beginners and experienced traders are increasingly turning to platforms like Bit Index AI.

Trading with various cryptocurrencies is possible via the website of the Bit Index AI trading platform, which can also be opened with a smartphone, after prior registration. Forex and CFD are also part of the portfolio.

We took a closer look at the platform in this Bit Index AI review. Naturally, the Bit Index AI customer experiences that have been researched also play a role in the assessment.



Mobile app

No, but mobile optimized

Account Demo


Minimum Deposit

€ 250, -

Payout Speed

24 Hours

Claimed win rate


Supported cryptocurrencies


Language website

Dutch, English and more

CFDs available?


What is BitIndex AI?

Bit Index AI is a so-called bitcoin robot with which you can trade various cryptocurrencies. Commodities and other assets are also available for trading. Interested parties can register via the Bit Index AI website.

In the beginning, a demo account is available to test the platform for free. If you really want to start trading, you can buy and sell shares from an amount of €250.

There are many reasons not to believe that Bit Index AI is a scam. However, caution is still advised in crypto trading. As you probably know, it is a volatile market. Unfortunately, losses can always occur.

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Is it really possible to make a profit with Bit Index AI?

The goal of any investment is to achieve the best possible return. At the end of the day, more capital needs to be generated. In principle, it is certainly possible to make a profit.

However, one should keep in mind that profits in cryptocurrency trading depend on many factors. Some of these include the amount of the deposit, your risk tolerance, current market conditions and the settings the trader has made on the platform.

If these influencing factors are positive, profit is quite possible. But profit can never be guaranteed.

How does Bit Index AI work?

Bit Index AI describes itself as a trading platform for easy trading. This means that every customer at Bit Index AI, with or without experience, can make settings according to their own ideas.

While various information flows to trading with a crypto platform in real time, in the end the user makes the most important specifications.

Trading platform

A variety of options exist as Bit Index AI targets experienced traders as well as newbies from all over the world.

According to Bit Index AI, there are partnerships with brokers that are overseen by CySEC. This is one of the most important regulatory bodies in the financial market and thus a plus in terms of safety and reliability.

Bit Index AI Tutorial: Open your Bit Index AI Account

If you decide to try Bit Index AI, you will need to open an account. This can be done in a few minutes. Below you can see how to register an account with Bit Index AI:

Step 1: Register

At the top of the website you will find the section to create an account.

Or you can also just click the blue button 'Register' click in the header.

In the form, provide the following information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

By clicking on “Register now” the first step has been taken.

All requested details must be provided to create the Bit Index AI account.

Step 2: Deposit

To do more than just use the demo account and start real crypto trading, the minimum deposit is required of € 250, -.

This amount is within the industry average used by other trading robots, such as Bitcoin Superstar, Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Trader.

A long list of payment methods is available for depositing, such as credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. However, this may vary depending on the region.

Step 3: Act

Once the account has been created, you can use a demo account to test the platform for free with virtual money. If you want to start trading immediately, use your deposited money, make the necessary settings and start trading.

Is Bit Index AI a scam or is Bit Index AI trustworthy?

The collaboration of the Bit Index AI trading platform with several brokers overseen by CySEC can be seen as positive.

Even if more detailed information is missing.

CySEC is one of the most important regulators in the financial market and therefore a positive indicator in terms of security.

The insufficient specific information does not make the assessment of Bit Index AI any easier.

However, a Bit Index AI scam would have been noticed long ago and the tendency for Bit Index AI to have a good reputation is clear. At least it compares to a lot of comparably reliable platforms.

The Dutch language is used perfectly, which can be seen as another positive signal.

After all, all information is also made available to Dutch-speaking customers. The Bit Index AI website therefore convinces at least in terms of reliability in this review.

As mentioned, it is a platform like many others on the internet. It's not really an innovation in the truest sense of the word.

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Is it possible to make money with Bit Index AI?

Neither fundamental losses nor gains are guaranteed. This has nothing to do with whether Bit Index AI is fake. It is the volatile market that can create uncertainty. The platform is real and has built up a large customer base over time.

According to our Bit Index AI experience, the settings are done exactly as the user wants. This can then lead to the hoped-for profit, but in unfavorable cases also to loss.

More important is the fact that real money can actually be earned via the Bit Index AI system, which can be paid out within 24 hours if desired.

When can the use of Bit Index AI be useful?

Robot AI

The aim of the Bit Index AI trading platform is, of course, for clients to increase their money.

Whether it makes sense to use Bit Index AI specifically for this purpose, or whether an alternative would be the better decision, is ultimately up to each interested party to decide for themselves.

Positive Bit Index AI experiences are possible, so you can evaluate it seriously. First and foremost, this includes the chance to make use of a demo account and wager virtual money.

If you are successful with this, you can build your own Bit Index AI experiences with real money. In the case of a positive exchange rate, these can certainly pay off.

However, it depends less on Bit Index AI and more on the development of the markets. No one can predict with certainty which direction these will go.

That is why it makes sense to practice with a demo account.

Then when it comes to real money, this provider at least offers all the important functions and information to be successful. There is news, current price indications and forecasts, teaching materials and much more.

How can beginners use the Bit Index AI platform?

Before you bet real money, it is certainly wise to get your own Bit Index AI experience.

The Bit Index AI demo account, which has already been mentioned several times, is therefore ideal for people who are generally interested in trading cryptocurrencies and want to gain experience.

Moreover, this also applies to CFDs and Forex. A virtual €1500 can be used to test in an authentic environment.

If the sum of demo money is actually increased comfortably and without too much hassle, you could think of using your €250. We recommend that you start with this minimum.

So you should be able to afford it. What this means is that you should be able to absorb any loss without getting into personal financial difficulties.

Bit Index AI Hints and Tips for Traders

To make cryptocurrency trading a success, here are some tips for positive trading experiences:

Who is behind Bit Index AI?

There are terms of use and a privacy policy on the website, as well as general information, for example about bitcoin.

However, information about who runs Bit Index AI and since when the trading system has been in existence is not presented. All this rather important information cannot be looked up elsewhere, at least not before registration.

If you have a customer account, there is the option to contact customer service. Questions and suggestions can be submitted via the live chat provided as well as via the email address.

Perhaps it is worth asking why the companies behind this trading platform prefer to remain anonymous. However, an answer to this should not necessarily be expected. In any case, it was not given in the course of this test.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Bit Index AI

Bit Index AI does not differ much from comparable internet platforms of this type at first glance. The offer is in Dutch and clear. There is content that can be especially helpful for newbies, but also ideal resources for experienced traders.

Interestingly, several questions remain unanswered by Bit Index AI, as is often the case with such websites. This relates, for example, to information about the operator.



Conclusion: Is Bit Index AI fake or not?

Basically, as mentioned several times in this review, Bit Index AI is a fairly common platform for trading cryptocurrencies, commodities and other assets.

While trading you are still exposing yourself to the same risks. They will also let you know this clearly before you start investing.

The customer service and user-friendliness make a good impression. It is even possible to communicate in Dutch, although not all employees of Bit Index AI speak the language. In this case, a good translation is used.

A particularly important fact is that payouts are fast and hassle-free. According to the experience of Bit Index AI, usually more than 24 hours elapse before the money is transferred.

This information is important, as it concerns the transfer of possible gains, but also the possibility that after losses, trading can be quickly terminated.

Our impression is quite positive. But again, the operators behind the offer wish to remain anonymous. This isn't surprising, but it's not ideal for a one hundred percent positive Bit Index AI rating.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Bit Index AI can be described as a powerful intuitive trading platform for cryptocurrencies, Forex and CFDs.

Customers can use it to buy and sell shares. It can be tested with a demo account.

Bit Index AI is just as secure as comparable platforms.

Registration is easy and the money is not misappropriated according to the information available.

However, losses can occur when trading.

The principle of Bit Index AI is that cryptocurrencies, among other things, can be traded after prior registration via an account.

This is done via a platform on which users can make various settings.

Bit Index AI adheres to this when executing the trades.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are in a gray area when it comes to respectability.

Gains are possible, but so are losses. Unfortunately, there is no concrete information about the operators.

While this does not mean that Bit Index AI should be avoided, one could be more open with background information.

Signing up with Bit Index AI does not cost any money. The same goes for using a demo account.

Those who want to start trading must deposit a minimum of €250, according to the standard.

There are no hidden costs when making payments.

Every user of the Bitindex AI platform must take into account possible losses from the moment that the demo account is no longer traded.

This is due to the fact that prices can suddenly develop negatively.

The value of the invested money is therefore reduced in one fell swoop. It may even be completely lost. Every customer should always keep this danger in mind.