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It is becoming increasingly pleasant to invest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies than in traditional investments. However, the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, going up and down every minute like a yo-yo.

This has caused panic among some people and they are therefore selling their Bitcoin while others are buying them.

And the latter is indeed what you should do, because here lies the great opportunity to earn real money. If you too want to take advantage of such a lucrative crypto trading business, consider a trading bot like Bitcoin Bank.

Bitcoin Bank reportedly helps its users make money online by speculating on Bitcoin's volatility.

It is a auto trading robot that is absolutely beginner friendly. Moreover, it appears to have great reviews on social media with most of the users talking about its great performance.

On the internet people even claim that the Bitcoin Bank bot earns you 1.300 euros within a day. All this with only a small investment through their secret Bitcoin Bank system!

That all sounds great, but is Bitcoin Bank really legit and profitable?

For these reasons, we've done a thorough investigation to sort this all out in depth.

You can read the test results plus some more information about Bitcoin Bank robot below.

What is Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin Bank is an automatic trading system, which, since its creation in 2018, has been able to execute all its transactions 0,01 seconds faster than its competitors.

This according to all trading signals emitted by the trends in the crypto market.

The system is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies (ML).

It is mentioned about its algorithm that Bitcoin Bank also feeds back its signals a fraction of a second faster than most other Bitcoin robots.

It is currently unknown who the official creator of Bitcoin Bank is, but there is a rumor that it is a group of Wall Street brokers who have joined forces to create the ultimate trading software for Bitcoin.

Since they have all the know-how of trading on their own platforms, it was just a matter of setting the algorithm optimally plus making the platform very user-friendly.

And they certainly succeeded in this, as Bitcoin Bank is indeed one of the simplest and most effective platforms currently available for automatic investments.

For this reason, Bitcoin Bank seems to be quite popular with both professional traders and those looking for a passive way to invest online.

How does Bitcoin Bank work?

Bitcoin Bank is a trading bot that exclusively trades Bitcoin (BTC), but does not buy it directly.

However, it trades through a popular financial derivative, which is more commonly known as a Contract for Difference (CFD). With such a CFD you bet on the price movements of an asset without having to own it yourself.

This trading is done through reputable brokers and they are also the ones who apply this unique leverage of CFDs for you.

This leverage refers to a loan offered by the broker to help users take larger positions.

Bitcoin Bank's partner brokers offer 5000:1 leverage allowing their users to trade positions worth up to 5.000 times their invested capital.

It is precisely this high leverage that ensures that Bitcoin Bank reports the alleged returns. But beware, as this leverage can also backfire in adverse market conditions.

It is therefore advisable to only invest what you can afford to lose!

Good robot brokers must also adhere to strict legal requirements, including the segregation of deposits.

The brokers must also be part of a deposit protection system to assure their users that they will get a refund in the event that the broker breaks down.

Bitcoin Bank's partner brokers seem to be highly reputable plus adequately regulated.

They are FCA and ASIC compliant and all have measures in place to protect its users' data.

Is Bitcoin Bank a Scam? New!

Bitcoin Bank appears to be legit.

This robot has great reviews from users on independent review sites such as TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy.

It itself claims to use some of the best trading technologies in the world, which users seem to agree with in their feedback as they are satisfied with the performance of this trading bot.

So it looks like it's worth investing in.

But take those 1.300 euros in daily returns with a grain of salt. That seems very optimistic with a minimum investment of 250 euros.

It is also important to know that investing through a Bitcoin robot entails risks, because the Bitcoin markets are always quite volatile.

Despite this, according to the financial analysts, right now is a good time to trade Bitcoin. The easiest way to do this is to use a robot like Bitcoin Bank.

Our verdict on Bitcoin Bank:

Bitcoin Bank uses the same AI and ML technologies used by institutional traders on Wall Street to generate large returns for investors.

This robot works with well-regulated brokers, who have measures in place to assure their users of the safety of investments.

Bitcoin Bank supports all its users well, from beginner to expert.

It has a success rate of over 80%, it is simple to use and it offers great customer support.

Bitcoin Bank relies on high-quality encryption and also has its own cyber incident response team to thwart potential cyber attacks.

Log in to Bitcoin Bank: How to create an account?

Creating a Bitcoin Bank account is really simple.

After a few simple steps that take little time, you already have a working account with Bitcoin Bank. The entire trading process, as already mentioned, is also a piece of cake.

Bitcoin Bank is a beginner-friendly robot that comes with instructions in your native language and is written to help any layman navigate through it.

Follow the following process to open an account very quickly and get started with this trading bot.

Bitcoin Bank Registration Form

Step 1: Register yourself

Visit the Bitcoin Bank website and create a free account there† All you need to do is fill in the online registration form with your name, phone number and email address.

You also need to set a very secure password and verify your provided email address and phone number.

It is important to know that Bitcoin Bank is only accessible in the regions where it has a regulated broker. These include most of Europe, Australia plus parts of the United States and Africa.

Step 2: Deposit at least €250

You must fund your Bitcoin Bank account in order to access the Bitcoin markets. Bitcoin Bank relies on its partner brokers to facilitate these transactions.

Thus, all deposits are made through your own partner broker.

Bitcoin Bank is linked to the platforms of these brokers and therefore you do not have to open a separate website to make a deposit.

The minimum amount you can trade with is 250 euros.

Step 3: Education plus demo

Bitcoin Bank offers a fully equipped training center. The robot works on autopilot by default, but users would need to understand how the bot works in a variety of different market conditions in order to use it properly.

In addition, you as a user must be familiar with the risk management tools, plus perform a risk profile test to determine which risk level suits you best.

The Bitcoin Bank help guides are written in the layman's own language in order to better understand the robot, especially novice traders.

A very intuitive demo trading account is also available to help you practice before going live.

So make sure to try this demo for at least an hour before opening a live session.

Step 4: Live Trading

This would be super easy after already trading the demo. Set the 'Stop Loss' and 'Take Profit' to your personal wishes, and then press the live button to start immediately.

Bitcoin Bank probably performs slightly better when used for at least 8 hours a day.

This is because it employs a so-called 'scalping' trading approach, which takes advantage of small price movements.

So the more trades that take place per day, the bigger your potential profit can be.

Is it worth opening a Bitcoin Bank account?

Read a little more about the experiences of experts here.

Online feedback seems to indicate that Bitcoin Bank is legit as users say they are happy with the results.

1. Earnings

According to the maker, Bitcoin Bank could earn back up to 400% of its investment daily.

Thus, the bot claims that a minimum deposit of just 250 Euros in 24 hours potentially generates 1.000 Euros.

However, remember that all trading involves risk and there is absolutely no guarantee of profit with this robot.

We therefore have no proof of this.

2. Customer service

Bitcoin Bank has a dedicated customer support.

You can access this platform's customer service team at any time.

The best way to do this is through their live chat. You just need to inform one of their representatives about your problem and it will be solved soon.

3. Verification System

All of Bitcoin Bank's reputable brokers, of course, verify the identities of their users as they have to comply with the strict regulations of their regulators.

You should therefore definitely upload a scanned copy with a clear photo of a government-issued ID or driver's license for verification.

4. Deposits / Withdrawals

The deposits are all made through a Bitcoin Bank partner broker. To trade with this robot you need to deposit at least 250 euros.

The options of possible money deposits depend on the broker platform, but standard payment options such as credit card or bank transfer will always be accepted.

Withdrawing money also goes through the Partner broker, but will often be quick and easy.

5. Fees

Bitcoin Bank only makes money by charging a 2% commission for the profits you make with it.

The robot therefore earns nothing if you make a loss.



Hell yes!

From the good reviews on TrustPilot plus the fact that it partners with regulated brokers, we can conclude that Bitcoin Bank seems legit.

The profit potential of Bitcoin Bank of course depends on several factors, such as the amount of money you invest, trading settings and how the current market is behaving at that moment.

With a little luck you can increase your investment considerably.

Of course! Bitcoin Bank allows for fast withdrawals, provided the partner broker also does its job quickly.

The bot itself does not charge any withdrawal fees.

Hell yes!

Bitcoin Bank provides its software to all their users for free. You only pay a 2% commission on your winnings.

But in that case you would have already generated income anyway!