Bitcoin Equalizer – Experiences 2022

Today, everyone will worry about finding an additional source of income besides the normal source of income. After all, due to the current crisis, it is virtually impossible to find work, and it is also becoming increasingly difficult to earn money in a safe and simple way, without requiring too much knowledge.

At the same time, there are only a few people, hardly anyone, who know the world of Bitcoin exactly. You, one of our regular readers, probably know all about Bitcoin, or at least are trying to find out all about it, but we assure you that the vast majority of people know little or nothing about it. Bitcoins are virtual currencies, meaning they don't “exist” like euros or dollars do. A value is associated with each Bitcoin that depends on supply and demand in the financial crypto market. This value has continuously increased since the beginning of this century. Bitcoin Equalizer is an automated BOT for online cryptocurrency trading.

What is Bitcoin Equalizer

Bitcoin Equalizer is a gigantic set of triple computer algorithms. In fact, the platform is composed of 14 automated programs that control its actions at every moment with extreme precision. We're not talking about the classic algorithms taught in computer programming basics, they're just programs that allow you to give a binary answer to a single question posed by the operator. No, these algorithms are much more powerful, and they allow you to answer a number of questions ranging from three to eighteen. The fact that Bitcoin Equalizer is composed of 14 algorithms implies a maximum number of questions well beyond 200. But what are these types of questions? This is fairly simple, because the BOT asks itself every second what the best offer is in the crypto market, in order to automatically identify it and buy or sell Bitcoins. By using artificial intelligence, an accuracy of 99,4% is enabled, which in practice leads to an impossible loss of your money.

Thanks to Bitcoin Equalizer, you will be able to earn passive income every day, even with a minimal investment. Above all, don't worry about the power requirements of your computer, your Internet connection or your computer system. Bitcoin Equalizer does not need any of these things. Bitcoin Equalizer also has no secrets. The source code can be downloaded from the website, but it is of course encrypted, to prevent malicious parties from simply copying the website. Anyway, Bitcoin Equalizer has passed all our security tests and therefore we know for sure that it is completely safe to use the platform. It was created around 2017 by a large group of retired traders. They have used the established techniques of experienced manual traders and have successfully integrated them into their algorithms so that the algorithms can quickly find the best way to reinvest your earned money. All of this is happening in the Bitcoin market. As long as there are no drastic changes in the market, we can expect that Bitcoins will continue to be generated without any problems and that BOTs like Bitcoin Equalizer will continue to be extremely useful.

How does Bitcoin Equalizer work?

It would be really impossible for us to explain how Bitcoin Equalizer works in an article like this. We would actually need dozens of pages to do that. This BOT was built by highly skilled and professional individuals, so it is much easier for us to explain what the platform does rather than how it works.

However, we can offer you several clues and insights into the exact workings of Bitcoin Equalizer, as we are also involved in the maintenance of many of these types of platforms. We have of course only chosen the platforms that we like, but Bitcoin Equalizer is certainly one of them. This BOT is continuously effective because it is based on artificial intelligence linked to a physical server. The source code has its origin partly in military circles and partly in the forex currency market. The merging of these two worlds has resulted in an IT marvel capable of accurately predicting how the market will develop, on the basis of which the BOT can adapt actions.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer Scam?

We have also asked ourselves this question several times, and it is completely normal for an internet user to try to avoid scams, especially considering that there are more and more scams these days, especially when it comes to Bitcoin. Frankly, when we talk about auto trading platforms, few can compare to Bitcoin Equalizer. Most definitely don't offer what this fantastic BOT offers. During our analyses, we always wonder why the platform does this, because what do they earn from it?

The answer in this case is actually very obvious. Bitcoin Equalizer has, thanks to its tens of thousands of users, an increased data traffic on the platform. This makes it better able to negotiate with the brokers, with whom the platform has had an excellent relationship for years. This is the main advantage for Bitcoin Equalizer. In addition, a 1% commission is also charged on the user's profit, but only if it exceeds $10.000 monthly (but rest assured, you'll get over this soon).

In 2021, it has become very common to fall victim to scams on the internet, especially in the online financial crypto market. And that while you were just trying to earn some money to help yourself or your family. The fault lies not only with the scam sites that mushroom and mislead users, but also with sites that, unlike our site, did not hire competent people, probably because they couldn't afford it. They have therefore asked people without any competence to write about Bitcoins, leading its readers to put the wrong advice into practice. And after losing their money, they are mad at the scammers.

As far as Bitcoin Equalizer is concerned, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If you look at the official website of the platform, you will immediately find the hundreds of reviews given by people who have been using Bitcoin Equalizer for years now. They have made huge profits and changed their lives thanks to this revolutionary platform. The reviews are fully visible on the website, Bitcoin Equalizer does not hide them, but in fact, the platform is proud of the successes of its users.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Equaliser

Fortunately for you, no advanced IT or financial knowledge is required to use Bitcoin Equalizer successfully. Not only is there an incredibly detailed guide that can help the users, but it is also extremely intuitive. We will also guide you step by step in this article:

Step 1: Account Registration

This step is one of the most important. You need to register an account directly on the Bitcoin Equalizer official website and fill out the form you see there:

✓ Name → As you will see, only name and phone number are required. Enter your full name so that you can distinguish it from any homonyms.

✓ Phone number → A mobile number is required, a landline number is not possible. And don't forget to enter the correct country code.

Step 2: inlay

$250 is basically the amount you need to start changing your life. This is the minimum deposit. The reason for this deposit is very simple, because Bitcoin Equalizer once allowed its users to “start with debt”. For example, users could use Bitcoin Equalizer, not by investing, but by borrowing money from the platform itself, and then making a profit. The problem, however, is that banks have started to tax Bitcoin Equalizer much more, forcing Bitcoin Equalizer to apply a minimum rate. This is in any case much lower than that of competitors. Not to worry, given the very high transaction success rate of Bitcoin Equalizer, you will have no problem getting these investments back and start earning from the very first trading session.

Step 3: Demo Transactions

The transparency of the site is noteworthy. In order to prevent users from losing their money, for example by making a wrong investment or by recklessly adjusting the interface of the platform, it offers a test mode, called “demo”. Users can get unlimited access to this mode where the site provides them with fake money. This does not affect the money they have deposited in any way.

Step 4: Live trading

Here we come to the most important part of this guide, the money making phase. To start your first live trading session, simply go to the right place on the site, you will see an extremely intuitive interface where you can choose from several options. There are over 100 of them, but to avoid confusion for new users, the site offers a handy 'preset' that you can use right away. You have the option of choosing between dozens of different cryptocurrencies, and pointing out the platform's settings as you gain experience.

Among the various options, you will find the stop loss function, which is the only one we recommend that you use immediately. This feature ensures that any time the site detects excessive instability in the crypto market, it will block any investment by sending you an email.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer Reliable?

Bitcoin Equalizer is clearly one of the best BOTs on the market. We think we have already given several reasons to support this. One of the most obvious reasons is the exceptional customer service that operates 24/7 and communicates with you whenever you want without ever losing their patience even with the most inexperienced users. In addition, we are also amazed at how fast the withdrawal of money takes place.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer safe?

Bitcoin Equalizer is probably one of the best BOTs in terms of security, arguably the best. This is because the platform offers a wide and complex range of antivirus programs. These will protect the user as long as he keeps the page open. So this is one tip that we want to give you, because even if you have closed your live trading session and are surfing the internet, you can keep the Bitcoin Equalizer page open to maximize your security. Also, you don't have to worry about the security of the data you enter. The data is stored on a virtual server that is not accessible to anyone other than Bitcoin Equalizer.

Is there an app?

There's no app right now, and we have to admit they don't even plan on making one. This is because 93% of Bitcoin Equalizer users stated that an app would be completely useless, due to the fact that Bitcoin Equalizer is very usable on all types of devices currently in use. We can therefore define it as mobile-friendly. In fact, Bitcoin Equalizer has had this compatibility campaign with phones, tablets and all types of operating systems for several years now, made very simple by the fact that it is an online platform and not a program that needs to be adapted to an operating system.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer Scam? The judgement!

We have a wide range of tools to check the reliability of a BOT, and on Bitcoin Equalizer we have them all deployed. At the end of our research, we can now describe it as one of the best BOTs on the market, and it is certainly not a fraud. In fact, thanks to a series of extremely advanced algorithms, Bitcoin Equalizer ensures that all its users can (at the same time!) make big profits in the Bitcoin market, taking advantage of the volatility that has been present for decades now. We therefore think that we can recommend Bitcoin Equalizer to everyone, from the most experienced professionals to novices in the field.



If there's one thing that the creators of Bitcoin Equalizer care about most, as well as their users, it's privacy. No, you will not be asked for your home address, and be wary of any sites that do. In fact, this is almost never necessary, which is why Bitcoin Equalizer does not require it.

Everything that is said about this committee is transparent. Every time you make a profit on closing a trading session, you will be told that 1% will be retained by the site to allow the creators to carry out ongoing maintenance on the platform. There is nothing secret, and it is the only fee charged.