Bitcoin Lifestyle Experiences: Reliable Robot? The Results Revealed!

In the past three years, the crypto industry has generated more millionaires than any other sector. Today there is a strong global growth movement of people who have become rich by trading crypto.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is what we call a “Trading Robot” that aims to assist people in trading crypto currencies (cryptocurrency). This robot claims to assist people in building their wallets to millionaire status. So we ask the question is this Bitcoin Lifestyle Trading Robot legit or a scam?

We have thoroughly researched this Robot and can confirm that it is 100% legit. However, we cannot guarantee that this will lead to a million euros per year, as some sources claim.

In this review, we try to give you an open overview and explore everything you need to know about Bitcoin Lifestyle and the best way to use this robot.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a software built on the intelligence and experience of the world's top crypto traders† They wrote an algorithm to trade cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) on autopilot. In other words, it is a program that was coded using the trading strategies of these specialists. Trading strategies from the most respected crypto millionaires in the world.

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The Robot can use the so-called read big data at both technical and fundamental levels and thereby automatically execute the commands derived from the processed data. The software's technical analysis includes tens of thousands of charts, which it analyzes to identify patterns and predict market direction using this data.

Bitcoin Lifestyle claims that this process happens within a microsecond, allowing the Robot to exploit even the smallest market movement.

Bitcoin Lifestyle uses the Neuro Linguistic Programming – technology (eg via Neural networks) to read and act on tradable news and tweets from authoritative sources. Using eg tweets from Donald Trump, or other influencers who can occasionally confuse the markets, many believe this is one of the best robots to trade with right now.

We at Coinspot. Nl, tracked Bitcoin Lifestyle performance during recent Trump tweets and found that many users of this robot gave positive comments.

The robot used a short-selling strategy that reported a profitability of about 200%. According to reviews, a trading account with a stake of $250 can generate up to $800 in less than ten minutes.

The crypto industry is a very volatile market, which means that as a trader you can often expect such a windfall.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle work?

As mentioned above, is Bitcoin Lifestyle a software that speculates on cryptos with a claimed win rate of 90%† According to Bitcoin Lifestyle, their claimed high win rate can bring traders up to 50% profit per day. Some traders who place $250 report a profit of up to $250 on the same amount of capital.

In addition, the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is fully automatic. Which means you don't have to be a professional trader to use it. After you register an account and make a deposit, the robot will do all the rest for you. Your role is to click the live button and watch the bot get to work for you.

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Bitcoin Lifestyle should not be confused with a crypto broker. The robot is just a tool to help you trade through specified brokers. That is why this robot works with several brokers. has reviewed these brokers and confirmed that they are legit. A properly regulated broker is a guarantee that your money will be protected even in the event that the broker goes out of business.

Interesting to know, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not process customer money. All deposits made through the robot go to the underlying broker. The role of the robot is to assist a broker in executing orders and facilitating all trades.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legitimate? findings

We consider factors such as information accuracy, user feedback, customer service and safety when assessing legitimate robots. Our test looks at several factors to determine whether a robot is reliable.

Our conclusion is based on the assessment and feedback from actual users and a background check of information on their website. We believe that the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is legit. In addition, it has excellent customer service and is safe to use. 

Here are our findings on Bitcoin Lifestyle:

  • People who use Bitcoin Lifestyle robot can reportedly make up to €1 million in profit with a deposit of €500 or less. However, remember that there are trading risks! You should never invest more than what you can afford to lose.
  • The testimonials on the website seem real and many report big profits.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle offers 24/5 customer service. The robot works together with the customer service of the partner brokers to ensure that clients get answers to all their questions. Bitcoin Lifestyle responds to live chats and calls almost immediately. Emails can take 2 days or more to get a response.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle takes the privacy of its users very seriously. confirms that their website is SSL secured and that they have a watertight data protection policy. In addition, they comply with the GDPR.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Lifestyle

You need less than 15 minutes to open an account, set up the software and you can start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. Importantly, this robot is only available in selected countries.

As mentioned above, you do not need any skills to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The robot runs on autopilot, where the user only needs to set up risk management tools and click live trading. This should not be a problem, as the robot has an extensive manual for this.

Follow these steps to get started with Bitcoin Lifestyle.

STEP 1: Create an account

login to the platformGo to Bitcoin Lifestyle homepage and register your name, telephone number and e-mail address in the appropriate form. You should also create a strong password according to the instructions.

We find Bitcoin Lifestyle very safe. defines a secure platform as the one with encryption and well-defined data protection. Bitcoin Lifestyle website is SSL secured and they have a data protection policy stating that they do not share any data without the consent of the owners.


STEP 2: Get linked to a broker

After you create an account, you will automatically connect to a broker with regulations in your jurisdiction. We are confident that the brokers, in partnership with Bitcoin Lifestyle, are adequately regulated and highly reputable.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Lifestyle does share your data with these brokers. However, there is no need to worry as they are all well regulated. In addition, we have confirmed that most of them are compliant with data protection laws, such as the GDPR. Never register with a robot without verifying who their partner brokers are!

STEP 3: Deposit at least €250

You need a trading capital of at least $250 to trade with this robot. This amount is your starting capital and not the license costs. Bitcoin Lifestyle is currently a free robot that makes money by charging a small commission on users' profits.

However, the company behind this robot has stated that it will introduce a license fee soon. We recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to register for free by opening an account now.

Importantly, all funds deposited through Bitcoin Lifestyle go to the underlying broker. As mentioned earlier, these brokers are required by law to adhere to strict deposit protection guidelines. Consequently, your money is safe with them.

Bitcoin Lifestyle steps

STEP 4: Real-time trading

The Bitcoin Lifestyle web trader is only available after depositing. Live trading with this bot involves setting the amount of capital you want to risk per trade and clicking the live button. can confirm that the process is simple and straightforward.

To be clear, the Bitcoin Lifestyle risk management features allow you to specify how much cash you want to bet per transaction. The more you risk, the more likely your account will be blown after a few trades.

We recommend that you do not risk more than 10% of your capital per trade. There is a risk involved in trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle and it is therefore advisable to only invest an amount that you can afford to lose. We recommend that you start small and grow gradually by reinvesting your earnings.

How to make more money with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

There are several tips you can explore to earn more with Bitcoin Lifestyle. These include:

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: The Verdict!

Bitcoin Lifestyle seems to be a reliable robot. This robot is open to anyone including those with zero trading experience. Once a user has set up their account, all they need to do is click the live button and check their account for less than 20 minutes per day.

However, remember all trading risks! You should not risk more than you can afford to lose.



Yes, you can find out this information by reading this bitcoin lifestyle review. 

Yes, Bitcoin Lifestyle is a secure crypto robot. 

YES, Fill out the withdrawal request form on their site and wait 24 hours for your request to be processed. We can confirm that there are no withdrawal fees or restrictions for this robot.