Last Update 03/03/2022

Absolute security does not exist. A cryptocurrency exchange (crypto-currency trading platform) can be hacked, even if the chance is small. However, certain events during such exchanges show us that this is possible and that it happens quite often, just like your paper wallet can burn out, get wet, get lost, etc. But it's still not worth it making life easier for intruders and neglecting the most basic security rules when working with cryptos. So secure your investment in every possible way.

How cryptos are most stolen

Here are some popular techniques used to steal cryptos. In this article, we'll help you figure out what to watch out for.

  1. Fake wallets with a built-in code make it possible to take control of your cryptos. You download such a wallet, install it, after which the attacker simply transfers your wealth to himself.
  2. Creating fake crypto trading sites. With their help, attackers get your username and password. Ideally, they know your e-mail address, and send a link to the website under the guise of an official letter. There are also other ways, but they are time consuming. However, this will not work if you are using two-factor authentication. Hacking is possible here, but the intruder will have to know your phone number or see your email, which makes the task very difficult. However, this is one of the most common options for losing your crypto credit.
  3. Fake traders. This also happens, but not that often. If you use a merchant, at least look for reviews of them. If the conditions are too good to be true, we advise you to pay close attention.
  4. Trivial fraud. They promise to sell or buy crypto credit at an extremely favorable rate, with the expectation of making huge profits. Which makes people transfer money to a hacker without hesitation. There is no protection against this type of fraud, which is why this method is most often used.

How do you secure your cryptos?

– Use a special email address. Take advantage of services with a high degree of protection.

– Make sure to choose a complex password, which consists of several letters, numbers and special characters.

– Use a new Bitcoin address every time. The chains of most cryptos, including the most important ones, are open to everyone, so if someone manages to link one of the addresses to a specific person, then the attackers or the authorities will have a whole history of this person's money movements . Creating a new Bitcoin address is quick and free and can be created in less than a minute.

– Store your passwords properly. Where do you keep your two-factor authentication keys and passwords for your trading account? It is desirable that they be written down on paper or other non-digital media, separated from each other and kept in a safe place. Most importantly, avoid storing your passwords and keys in files on your or any other computer that can be linked to you.

– It's much easier for cybercriminals to get to digital files than it is to break into your home or find hidden notes elsewhere with these treasured combinations. The main thing is that you do not forget to properly install the door locks or choose a reliable place.

Use a Bitcoin mixer

If you want to keep as much anonymity as possible to stay safe, use services to obscure the traces of crypto transactions. Such a reliable and efficient Bitcoin mixer like BitMix.Biz will help to hide the real source of your income.

This crypto mixer has helped tens of thousands of investors, traders and regular crypto users from all over the world to keep their data and funds safe. This is possible thanks to the technology of separating and mixing crypto transfers from different addresses. You can ensure the anonymity of your transactions by using BitMix.Biz cryptomixer from 0.005 BTCLTCDash. Your digital assets will be divided into several small transfers and go through dozens of addresses before reaching your wallet, using a new address each time so that the history of your old wallet doesn't give any extra chances for hackers to spy on you.

BitMix.Biz has several options such as variable fee and variable time of sending coins. These options make it much more difficult to associate transfers with specific addresses, amounts, and times of shipment. You can use both functions by choosing their own values ​​or by letting the system's algorithms pick random values.

Also for large transfers, a function is provided that divides the whole amount into different final amounts that you specify before you start cleaning the coins. Also known as 'randomizer', this enhanced feature is available when mixing cryptocurrencies from 0.1 BTCLTCDash.

The reliability of the BitMix.Biz crypto mixer is guaranteed with a guarantee letter when depositing coins for cleaning. This letter includes a verification code, a guaranteed deposit (find more details at the Bitcoin mixer customer service), the 72-hour deletion of data on any mixing process, and the option of a one-time deletion. The security of the service is confirmed by the many positive reviews from crypto users over the years.

Use one of the dozens of languages ​​available for the convenient interface, an API key for your website, as well as the opportunity to monetize the referral program to attract new users to the service.

Website: bit mix

Gate: http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion


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