Bitcoin Pro Experiences: Fraud or Not? Read the results here

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Is There A Bitcoin Pro Scam Or What Experience To Expect† Learn more about the bot here and discuss and share your experiences in the comments. Is there fraud with Bitcoin Pro?

This is a question you will have to deal with if you want to use this crypto robot. As with many Bitcoin robots, Bitcoin Pro is also the subject of heated discussion on the internet.

First of all, you want to know if Bitcoin Pro is a Scam or not? Often, however, you have to take into account disappointed investors who give their opinion on the internet. This does not always have to correspond to the actual Bitcoin Pro experience.

It is certain that when using a crypto robots, one should never ignore the fact that there are also risks. As with so many types of trading involving crypto currencies, the risks can even mean the total loss of the investment.

On the other hand, however, there are also return opportunities that have made the crypto market so popular. As an interested crypto investor, it is difficult to find realistic Bitcoin earnings experiences.

Coinspot has therefore set itself the task of investigating the services of the bots. Read our findings here.

tower of bitcoin coinsThe first impression is often crucial. According to the cryptoscene editors, Bitcoin Pro is blowing a little too high on its homepage.

If you lure potential traders with alleged multimillion-dollar profits, don't be surprised if there are always hard assumptions that Bitcoin is a scam.

So it's probably not the worst idea to ignore all the information on the homepage. Because the software of the Bitcoin Pro Bots is an interesting thing in itself, which should not be dismissed as a Bitcoin Pro rip-off.

How does Bitcoin Pro work?

How does Bitcoin Pro work? All crypto robots are similar in that they rely on automatisms. A program can recognize market situations much faster than a human.

So it is better to avoid the detour of processing certain data by buying or selling Bitcoin or other currency pairs directly. The program is capable of performing quick calculations.

If you observe the actions of the bots in real time, you will find that you have bought several investment projects within moments. It is essential to understand how such a Bitcoin robot works.

This is the only way to realize that while calculations can be an advantage over regular trading, there is also a risk of loss. Only with this essential knowledge are you ready for this new way of trading.

In summary, it can be said that in your Bitcoin Pro account you may find imitations of your own trading decisions.

All the Crypto Robot needs is a set of settings and the trader's starting gun. An interesting concept is such a platform. Even the biggest critics of software trading have to admit this.

Steps to open a Bitcoin account

It has been mentioned before that there is basically not much to discover on the Bitcoin Pro site. The “exemplary” experience reports of alleged traders are primarily a marketing tool that should not be taken too seriously.


login panel bitcoin proThe best way to get started is to sign up directly for the Bitcoin Pro App. This works straight from the homepage straight away by simply entering your email address and then clicking the “Start Now” button.

The procedure is protected by SSL technology. Of course, the provider will ask you to provide more information, such as your first and last name and telephone number.

In addition, you choose a password and you accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. And you agree that the e-mail address will be stored and that you will receive the newsletter. This registration can be revoked at any time.

The registration is actually very fast and the form should not present any major problems even for beginners. Before you can get to know the actual platform, you must first confirm that you have already reached the minimum age of 18.

The trade then takes place via the GFC Investment Trader, which is well known in the market. This is characterized by several quality points and looks much more professional than some other crypto bot software. So here's another sign that Bitcoin Pro knows how to offer serious services.

Step 2: The first impression of the software

It is impressive how clearly structured the platform is. You will find a simple overview directly in your own dashboard. You can also view your trading history in your overview.

In addition, you can select personal information or change the password in the Bitcoin Pro account.

For some investors it can be particularly important to be able to use different platforms. The offering should work both online and on mobile devices, even if you don't need a real trading app at the moment.

You can run the bot in just one Bitcoin Pro account or in multiple accounts. In the overview you can see which accounts are active, how the leverage is, in which currency the account is managed and what the total balance is.

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Step 3: Deposit

A clear indication that Bitcoin Pro is serious is also the possibility of demo features. If you have performed a Bitcoin Pro test yourself in this way, you can make a deposit. You can choose exactly to which of the accounts the credit should be deposited.

While most Bitcoin Bots on the market only accept credit cards or, in exceptional cases, wire transfers as valid payment methods, the variation in the Bitcoin Pro App is much greater.

Here you can also use Visa and Mastercard, but you can also choose other service providers such as Trustly, Skrill, iDeal, Klarna, SEPA and Postepay. It is not clear whether all payment methods can actually be used.

If you really want to claim that Bitcoin Pro is fraudulent, you should look at other spam offers on the net. In most cases, you will find payment providers such as Western Union, which never allow the sender to obtain more precise information from the recipient.

The said offers are thus much more transparent and therefore more secure. You have to do without Paypal, but there are other ways on the market to buy Bitcoin with Paypal.

With a click on a quote, you will therefore have to enter the further payment options. It should be noted that a minimum deposit of €250 is required to use the platform. For the editors of Coinspot this is just the right amount to access his Bitcoin Pro account.

This way you can get acquainted with this interesting form of trading with sufficient assets and, on the other hand, keep the personal risk small. If the Bitcoin Robot actually generates losses, then the money lost should be easy to carry due to such a low deposit.

However, if the program proves its functionality and continues to make a profit, then you should consider increasing your deposit little by little.

Is Bitcoin Pro Scam or Not?
We tested the bot

woman with a bitcoin coinIf a trading software offers a demo mode then you should use it as well. The GFC Investment Trader as a program of Bitcoin Pro allows to create a demo account.

This way you can test the results of different settings. A separate registration procedure with login details is not necessary at the moment. Access is completely uncomplicated, directly from the platform.You can switch to demo mode in the account menu.

However, it is important to emphasize that demo accounts can only be used with the realization that the associated results do not always have to correspond to the real trading.

Rather, it is an offer to learn the principle of trading. Since one is already confronted with example values ​​on the home page of the bots, cannot be completely ruled out that this is also the case with demo trading.

Is Bitcoin Pro Fake? - The results

Is Bitcoin Pro Fraud Or Not?

Opinions on this are still divided on the internet, but there are indications that Bitcoin Pro works seriously. The possibilities of the Bitcoin Pro Test, for example, speak for themselves via the demo accounts, and also at customer service, where you can contact support.

You will also find, albeit a little hidden, safety information about the trade. Such an offer can only really be used for a specific reason.

It is mainly about supporting the trader with his orders. Of course, there is no guarantee that all trading sessions will be successful. In that sense, it is about opportunities that should increase the chances of success.

Therefore, it should be noted that the website contains appropriate safety instructions. Here it also becomes clear that all representations of income desired examples.

After all, the provider makes no secret of this, which means that it can be established that it is not in the interest of the developers. Rather, it is a rather brash form of customer acquisition.

Ultimately, though, this has less to do with the exact function of the algorithm than with the company's marketing strategy. One can undoubtedly criticize this. Nevertheless, we at Coispot believe that Bitcoin Pro is definitely worth a try and is a reliable robot.