Bitcoin Revival Experiences: Reliable? The Results Revealed!

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Bitcoin Revival is an auto trading robot that claims to have a daily profitability of up to $1500. But is it legit and is it true that it is very profitable?

This Bitcoin Revival review will look at the features that make this robot one of the most popular bots for automatic bitcoin trading.

But before we begin, it is important to note that Bitcoin Revival trades on margin and therefore there is significant risk in trading with it. That is why we advise you to only trade with an amount that you can afford.

The robot seems legit from our demo test. Our test considers six core areas, namely transparency, performance, customer service, reputation, ease of use and security.

Here's how our testing team rated Bitcoin Revival on each of the metrics above.

  • Transparency – the robot seems very transparent and seems reliable
  • Performance – according to thousands of online reviews, Bitcoin Revival has a win rate of about 90%, which would mean 9 out of 10 transactions would be successful
  • Customer service – customer service was easy to find and we found they were very responsive
  • Reputation – there are some positive testimonials and the app seems to have a positive sentiment
  • Ease of use – you don't need any trading experience to use this software if you activate auto trading
  • Security – the app works with regulated brokers and their platform is secured

From the reviews above, we see Bitcoin Revival as legit software. Many users have placed Bitcoin Revival among the top-rated cryptocurrency bots for 2020.

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What is Bitcoin Revival?

Bitcoin Revival is a trading robot for the bitcoin market. This robot is fully automatic, which means that anyone, including a complete beginner, can use it.

Testimonials and reviews reveal that it appears to be a high-risk, high-return robot.

Users using Bitcoin Revival trade on margin, meaning trades can take large positions with little capital.

Bitcoin Revival partner brokers offer leverage of 1:100 to 1:500. An account with leverage of 1:500 and a deposit of $250 can place trades worth up to $125.000.

High leverage means magnified gains or losses. However, Bitcoin Revival claims that the risk is minimal given their high reported accuracy of 90%.

However, we recommend that you only trade with an amount that you can afford.

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How does Bitcoin Revival work?

bitcoin coinsIt is a crypto robot founded by a crypto trading guru and a software engineer.

The robot is based on a trading approach known as High-Frequency Trading. This method applies advanced algorithms to collect insights from big data.

The advantage of auto trading bots is that they allegedly eliminate human emotions from transactions, minimizing bad decision making.

Human emotions are known as the main trigger for poor investment decisions.

In addition, intelligent robots have been said to be able to do almost anything a human can do, but with higher accuracy and supersonic speed.

For example, trading bots like The News Spy can read the news as they happen and take positions before the markets react.

Consequently, such robots claim to be able to earn large returns from market events such as the Nonfarm Payrolls. Read our review of The News Spy .

What makes Bitcoin Revival reliable?

It is a high frequency trading robot. Consequently, this robot uses advanced computer algorithms to investigate and execute trades.

These algorithms are said to be powered by AI and ML (machine learning) and therefore Bitcoin Revival claims to have an accuracy level of around 99%.

In addition, they can analyze big data supersonically and thus profit from even the smallest market movement. Accuracy and speed are the two determining factors for profitability in trading.

As demonstrated in our live test, many testimonials claim that they have a daily profit of up to €100.000  have made with a deposit of €250 with the app.

Bitcoin Revival partners brokers offer leverage up to 1:500, meaning traders can place trades worth 500 times their capital.

As a result, the app claims that any profits or losses you make through the robot will be multiplied by 500.

Even with the high accuracy, there is a possibility of making losses with this root. Coinspot recommends that you only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin Revival Review: The Test Results Explained!

As mentioned above, our research team tested the robot and revealed it seems legit† The bone research of Coinspot includes a live test and also an in-depth analysis of user feedback.

We use a scoring algorithm to determine the scores we give a robot on our core test areas.

The total legitimacy score is determined by calculating an average score from the statistics explained below. Here is an in-depth explanation of our test results on Bitcoin circuit.


Our authenticity test involves checking all information on a robot website. We can confirm that the robot provides accurate information on all critical areas of customer service and trading costs.

Good to know, this robot is free. However, it is likely that the founders will introduce a fee once the beta testing phase is over.


Bitcoin Revival prides itself on its profitability and claims to have a 99% win rate.

It runs on autopilot and can therefore be used by anyone. You do not need any trading knowledge to trade with this robot.

Easy to use

As mentioned above, it is a fully automatic robot. Therefore, you do not need any technical expertise to use it.

Once you register and make a deposit, all you have to do is click the live trade button. Plus, there is a demo account to familiarize you with the real dashboard before trading live.

Customer service

Our research shows that it offers excellent customer service. Their customer service is always available via phone and live chat.

As expected, communication via email can take up to 48 hours. Our test on their communication channels shows that they take less than a minute to respond to calls and live chats.


Bitcoin Revival has taken all necessary measures to ensure cyber security.

For example, their website is properly encrypted and they have a well-defined password policy. We also found that Bitcoin Revival is GDPR compliant and therefore does not share users' data without their consent.

Is Bitcoin Revival Endorsed by Celebrities?

There seems to be a lot of rumors about crypto trading robots and celebrities, with robots like Bitcoin Loophole using celebs as a marketing strategy.

These rumors are mostly spread around the internet to promote these platforms by affiliates.

But are celebrities linked to this software? Read on to find out.

According to Bill Gates, founder of tech giant Microsoft, "Bitcoin is better than currency."

Bill Gates clearly understands Bitcoin's true value, but there doesn't seem to be anything linking him to the trading software we describe in this review. 

How to register with Bitcoin Revival?

As mentioned before, the process for making accounts with this robot easy and secure.

Plus, the process takes less than ten minutes. Here is a step by step guide on how to open an account with this robot.

STEP ONE: Registration

Go to Bitcoin Revival homepage and enter your name, e-mail address and telephone number on the appropriate form.

Generate a strong password and save it somewhere before accepting the terms and conditions and clicking the Continue button.

STEP TWO: Deposit

Deposit a minimum of €250 to proceed to the live trading platform. Please note that this amount is the trading capital and not the cost of the robot.

The robot is currently free. 

STEP THREE: Demo and Live Trading

After depositing you now have access to the demo and live trading account. Coinspot recommends that you start with the demo to familiarize yourself with the web merchant.

While the software claims to be highly profitable, it also carries a significant level of risk.

As a result, you are only depositing an amount that you can afford to lose when you trade with this robot.

Is Bitcoin Revival Legitimate? The verdict!

Coinspotresearch finds the bitcoin robot legitimate.

We did a live test and analyzed thousands of online reviews and found that many users have made daily profit of $100.000 with a deposit of $250 with this bot.

This robot applies advanced trading technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Bitcoin Revival claims that these are the two technologies that make it highly profitable. However, it is not without risk and so you should only trade with what you can afford to lose.

Remember that all investment opportunities come with a certain amount of risk. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.



It appears to be a legit trading bot.

According to the robot's website, your profits with the software are dependent on your invested capital, which means that the more you deposit, the more you can allegedly earn. If you're a starter, we recommend starting small and growing your account gradually.

The minimum deposit at Bitcoin Revival is €250.

Yes! Bitcoin Revival allows you to withdraw your money whenever you need it. Just fill out the withdrawal request and your money will be processed within 24 hours.