Bitcoin Secret Experiences: Reliable or Not? The results revealed

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Bitcoin Secret is an auto trading robot that has been gaining popularity among crypto users lately. A question often asked about these types of robots is whether they are reliable or not. 

Finding honest information and unbiased reviews online is always a challenge and we know that all too well.

You can find many reviews calling it a scam, but many others calling it a profitable and advanced platform. That's why we decided to test and assess the robot.

We want to tell you what to expect and give you some tips to point you in the right direction.

The first thing we want to let you know is that our test has shown that the Bitcoin Secret is a scam. There are much better bots that you can make real money with.

Bitcoin Secret is an automated cryptographic trading platform. Robots like these are meant to help inexperienced users to make a profit in these types of markets. They basically trade automatically with the money you put into your account. 

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Once you have put money into your account, all you have to do is wait for the robot to make investments and then let you know whether or not you made a profit.

While some of these platforms actually allow you to make significant profits, Bitcoin Secret does not.

From the get-go, we saw a few signs suggesting that the platform is a scam. One of the first things you see when you visit the robot's website is that the platform is claimed to be a to be a service reserved for citizens of the country where you are located.

That sounded a bit odd so we decided to try switching to a Swiss VPN and the website claimed the same. Here too, the exact same thing happened when we switched to a Danish VPN. That was the first red alert.

At the top right of the registration page, you can also see how much other users are making money in real time. That sounds great, if it was really true.

At the top left, the website claims that there are a limited number of free registrations available. That's just a strategy to encourage you to sign up quickly. There is actually no limit, because the same number stays the same.

Even if you change VPN, the number of “available free seats” doesn't change. These are just a few of the scam aspects of the robot. Read on to learn more about it.

Is Bitcoin Secret Scam? YES!

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Why Bitcoin Secret is a Scam

There are several reasons why Bitcoin Secret is a scam. We have a list of four key aspects of the platform that prove it.

Software Accuracy

First, it claims to be accurate 99,4% of the time. As we said before, we tested the platform and to do that we deposited $250 which is the minimum amount needed to start trading.

We had no returns. Our money was gone within minutes. We had tried the demo account before and it seemed that the software really guaranteed profit.

However, once we started trading with real money, we started losing money on every trade.

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False Testimonials

While browsing the website, we also came across a section dedicated to users' testimonials.

There are a few photos of different people and each photo also shows the profit that each of the users makes by trading on Bitcoin Secret. When you click on each of the photos, their statements about their trading experience will also appear.

However, we have noticed that all statements are exactly the same. They all say: “I finally know what it's like to live the dream. The Bitcoin formula has enabled me to retire early and live the 1% lifestyle.”

The Sign Up, Deposit and Trading Process on Bitcoin Secret

Signing up is as easy as with any other robot. You just need to enter your full name, email address, password and phone number. At that point you will have access to the trading platform.

You will be asked if you want to start trading or try the demo version first. When testing platforms, we always start from demo mode and that's what we recommend new users to do.

Trading with a demo is also pretty easy, but it's also where the problems begin. The software claims to have near 100% accuracy and it seems that this is also the case when trading in demo mode.

All or almost all trades placed are successful. That is a strategy to convince you to put real money in your account.

The available payment methods will be presented to you on the deposit webpage. While reliable robots usually offer a wide variety of payment options in an effort to meet customer needs, Bitcoin Secret only offers credit and debit cards.

In the past, we have reviewed robots with options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebPay, and many more.

The fact that Bitcoin Secret does not offer any of these means that there is no interest in ensuring that users have all the necessary resources to take advantage of the trading experience.

The minimum required to start trading is $250 which is a reasonable amount. Once we started trading in auto-trading mode we realized that Bitcoin Secret is a complete scam.

Within minutes we saw all our funds disappear. No trades placed by the software were successful. 

Can you make money with Bitcoin Secret?

btc coinsThe answer is NO. The software promises an accuracy of 99,4%. That means out of 1000 trades, 994 out of 1000 trades, 994 will be profitable.

This is justified by the fact that Bitcoin Secret is 0,01 second ahead of the market. If that were true, it would of course be possible to earn 1.300 euros per day as the robot claims.

Unfortunately that is not the case. These are just some of the lies circulating on the website. The trading platform is designed to make you lose money, so make sure not to waste your money on it and invest in reliable platforms.

The only people who make money on the platform are the developers† They demand that you deposit money into their software but then they channel your money through untrustworthy and unregulated brokers like Crypto All Day.

Bitcoin Secret is linked to online brokers that support trading, so when you click auto-trade, your funds are invested in assets through a broker.

This is how it works with most auto trading robots, but with this robot you will never see your money back.

If you look at online user reviews that are not on the official website, you will find people calling Bitcoin Secret a scam as it has stolen all their money and never returned their money. You cannot trust the robot.

There are some really reliable and accurate auto-trading robots out there. If we've convinced you that Bitcoin Secret isn't one of them, feel free to check out our bitcoin robot page for what we think are the best crypto bots out there right now.

Recommended Robots by Coinspo

Forget Bitcoin Secret! It is important to us that you find the trading platform you are looking for.

We have tested many of them and two of the most profitable and reliable we have found are Bitcoin Code and Cryptosoft† They are much more realistic about their accuracy and we have certainly made significant gains trading on the platforms.

Search for the creator's identity

A good way to find out whether or not a robot is a scam is to look for information about the identity of the software's creator. If the robot is reliable, you will probably find information.

If not, then whoever made it has a greater interest in remaining anonymous, so you won't be able to find any information about them.

Try the demo account first

Another smart way to find out if the robot you are interested in is a scam is to try the demo account first. Usually you can try it before putting money into your account.

That gives you the opportunity to see how the platform works and if it is profitable. If you like how it works and you see it has the potential to make you money, move on.

Look for good review pages

Before you even start looking for the auto trading robot you want to trade on, make sure you look for a good review page that you trust.

Websites have conflicting opinions about many robots, so find one you can trust.

Check that there are no risk disclaimers

Most scammers usually try to hide the risks associated with crypto transactions. It is a strategy of allowing users to sign up without questioning the validity of the statements made on the website.

If you're on a scam website, you probably won't find any risk warnings.

If you sit on a reliable robot, you will find risk warnings. Legitimate robots usually try to be as transparent as possible to the users.

The judgment of Coinspot: Bitcoin Secret is a Scam, Don't Use It!

We have carefully reviewed the website and tested the trading platform of the automated crypto trading bot.

The Bitcoin Secret website is full of false, inaccurate and unrealistic statements and promises. The trading platform is also designed to take your money so please do not invest on this robot.

There are other platforms that we believe are very profitable and safe to trade on. For instance CryptoSoft and Bitcoin Code. Check out our reviews of the robots to make up your mind.

We believe that they are reliable, but of course you should be able to judge that for yourself.



Yes, the research of Coinspot has shown that Bitcoin in the Era of Bitcoin is very reliable. We highly recommend this robot.

Bitcoin Secret does not require any licensing fees. However, traders are required to pay a small commission on the profits they generate through this robot.

The robot allows users to withdraw their funds whenever they want. All transactions with this bot are possible within 24 hours.