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Most analysts predict that we will see another crypto resurgence thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

With an assumed win rate of 90%, the Bitcoin Up robot can help you take advantage of this crypto trading popularity.

Bitcoin Up is an intelligent computer program equipped with trading algorithms, which does not require any special skills to trade, because Bitcoin Up does this completely automatically on behalf of its users.

So you do not need BTC trading knowledge to trade with Bitcoin Up. Simply register an account, follow the instructions provided, and go live right away!

It claims that it is possible to 'turn' an investment from 250 euros to more than 2.000 euros in just a few hours, and that it even offers you the opportunity to become a member of the Bitcoin millionaires club.

But is Bitcoin Up legit and does it indeed offer this wonderful profitability?

According to the internet, the robot appears to be popular with its users, given an excellent score on consumer feedback platforms.

Our own research shows that Bitcoin Up is indeed legit. Read here for some more detailed information about Bitcoin Up and judge for yourself whether it is worth a try.

What is Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is specialized computer software that is programmed to automatically read news about Bitcoin and extract trading positions from it.

This robot does this through unique and advanced AI technology, also known as Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Bitcoin Up is estimated to be 0,001 seconds ahead of the markets.

For this reason, it claims to be able to maintain a win rate of over 90%.

The best human trader in the world is believed to have a win rate of less than 50%.

So that bodes well!

By the way, Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that is solely intended for trading BTC.

The robot uses BTC to trade CFDs (Contract for Difference). These CFDs allow traders to take advantage of asset price movements without actually owning them.

Bitcoin Up offers popular BTC CFD pairs such as BTC USD, BTC EUR and BTC ETH.

Bitcoin Up offers the possibility to trade with more than 45 such trading pairs.

The Bitcoin Up software is compatible with Mac and Windows computers and works well with almost all major browsers. It currently does not have its own mobile app, but it can be installed on smartphones in HTML5 web browsers.

Bitcoin Up recently announced that it will be launching a mobile app soon.

How does Bitcoin up work?

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that connects to the Bitcoin markets through specially selected brokers.

The robot does all the trading research and then relays the odds of a profitable trade to the broker for execution.

It is well known that this type of news trading can generate huge profits if done correctly.

The brokers associated with Bitcoin Up are all reputable and well regulated. Users therefore have a guarantee for the safety of their funds.

Regarding their trading conditions, Bitcoin Up brokers offer a trading leverage (= leverage) of up to 4000:1.

This leverage through CFDs refers to a form of loan provided by brokers to assist traders in taking larger trading positions.

At 4000: 1 you can place trades worth up to 4.000 euros for every euro you have invested as capital.

This offers huge opportunities for a big profit!

Nevertheless, it is important to know that it can be risky via Bitcoin robots because the Bitcoin markets are incredibly volatile.

However, there are currently rumors circulating that BTC will see a huge price increase before the end of this year. For this reason, now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin.

The easiest way to do this is through a robot like Bitcoin Up.

Is Bitcoin Up a Scam? New!

From the data analyzed by us, we assume that this robot is legitimate.

Bitcoin Up has excellent user reviews on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. Moreover, it is positively reviewed by all kinds of professional review sites.

These reviews indicate that it is worth investing in it. According to some, the robot could generate up to 5.000 euros in daily profit.

That seems very optimistic, but you can always try it yourself to see its potential. However, always remember that all financial trading involves significant risk.

Do not trade with more money than you can afford.

Our verdict on Bitcoin Up:

Bitcoin Up is optimally supported by unique artificial intelligence technologies.

The bot applies a form of AI known as Machine Learning to identify and apply trading positions from BTC related news.

This robot only seems to work with highly regulated brokers. Most of these are overseen by the British FCA and the Australian ASIC.

Bitcoin Up is available to everyone, including complete beginners. Most users will have no experience with crypto trading.

The platform is simple to use and the trading process is very simple.

Bitcoin Up applies blockchain technology to guarantee a transparent trading environment.

It allows its users to automate the entire decision-making process plus generate enjoyable profits through the robot.

Log in to Bitcoin Up: How to create an account?

It only takes a few minutes to create an account with Bitcoin Up.

The trading process is also very simple.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Up provides instructions to help users navigate the platform.

Here is the simple process to open an account and start trading with this bot.

Step 1: Register on their website

Visit the Bitcoin Up website and create a free account. All you have to do is enter your name, telephone number and email address via the registration form.

Of course, you also need to set a secure password and verify your email address and phone number.

Bitcoin Up only asks for the minimum required data and secures it. So you don't have to go through an annoying 'Know-Your-Customer' process to use this robot.

Step 2: Deposit at least €250

You need at least 250 euros to trade with Bitcoin Up. This amount is your trading capital, so there are no trading costs.

Bitcoin Up is currently free for all users, but due to its popularity, there is a chance that a license fee will be introduced in the future.

So take advantage of a free license by registering now.

Bitcoin Up payment methods

This robot accepts deposits via Mastercard, Visa, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Maestro, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill and some crypto wallets.

All these deposits are made through a regulated partner broker.

Step 3: Trading Guide Plus Demo

After your deposit you will have access to the bot's free trading guide.

This guide will help you set up accounts and live trading. There is also a demo account available to practice with.

It is recommended that you try these out before going to the live trading account.

how does trading with Bitcoin [X] work

Bitcoin Up also assigns you an account manager, to guide you as a new user through all the functions of the robot.

Step 4: Live Trading

Live trading with Bitcoin Up is really super simple.

All you have to do is set the risk settings according to the instructions and click the live button.

Bitcoin Up then executes all of its trading automatically. This means that you do not need any expertise to use it.

Is it worth opening a Bitcoin Up account?

Get to know the experiences of experts here.

Examination of online feedback shows that Bitcoin Up is legit and users seem happy with its returns.

1. Earnings

Bitcoin Up claims to have a daily return on investment of up to 300%.

It is therefore possible to earn up to three times your investment within 24 hours via his automatic trading.

However, there is also a possibility of losing the invested capital.

2. Customer service

Not much information can be found on the internet about his customer service.

Bitcoin Up, on the other hand, does offer video tutorials plus a 12-page guide to walk you through the software.

An account manager is also assigned to assist you further, so the questions will usually be addressed to him or her.

3. Demo version

Bitcoin Up's demo version prepares you for live trading and allows you to try different settings on historical data.

The demo creates a real market experience and gives you a good idea of ​​what to expect in live trading.

4. Verification System

All of Bitcoin Up's top brokers verify the identities of their users according to the general guidelines of their regulators.

So you need to upload a scanned copy with a clear photo of your driver's license or government issued ID to verify this.

5. Deposits / Withdrawals

All deposits are made through a recommended or assigned partner broker.

You only need 250 euros to trade with Bitcoin Up, and there are many options for money deposits.

Withdrawing money is also quick and easy.

6. Fees

The bot itself does not charge a withdrawal fee, but the brokers may charge a small fee for their work.

However, this is negligible in terms of the profits that can be generated.



Hell yes!

Bitcoin Up appears to be absolutely legit. Positive reviews confirm that majority of individuals who try this bot have a great experience with it.

Bitcoin Up's earning potential depends on several factors. Think of the amount invested, the trading settings plus the current market conditions.

You could earn up to 3 times your investment on a good trading day.


Bitcoin Up allows for fast withdrawals. The bot does not charge any withdrawal fees.


Bitcoin Up is a free trading robot.

However, it doesn't have to stay that way. So take advantage of a free license by registering right now.