Biticodes iPlex Review 2023 – Trustworthy or a Scam?

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Crypto trading software offers especially beginners a good opportunity to trade Bitcoin and altcoins without any prior knowledge.

As more and more platforms are entering the market in this regard, it is particularly important to check whether they are serious.

Biticodes iPlex, for example, promises daily profits of $500 or more. Is this a marketing strategy or are they telling the truth?

This certainly also depends on the user himself. Nevertheless, caution is always advised. In our Biticodes iPlex test you will learn all relevant details about the platform and how it works. Moreover, we share Biticodes iPlex experiences with you, so that you can get a real first impression.

BitiCodes iPlex is an innovative trading platform for cryptocurrencies, where the user's transactions are executed automatically. The basis for this is advanced algorithms that analyze the crypto market and then use corresponding successful strategies.

This means that especially beginners do not need any trading experience – they can just leave the trading to the platform. For professionals, on the other hand, Biticodes iPlex is suitable as a supplement to manual trading with cryptocurrencies.

Biticodes iPlex Netherlands offers trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP and several other popular crypto coins.


Crypto Trading Software

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP, Cardano,…

Minimum Deposit

250 €

Payout duration

24 o'clock

Demo account


Mobile Application


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Who is behind BitiCodes iPlex?

Unfortunately, no detailed information can be found about the founder of Biticodes iPlex. The official website does not contain any names or details.

During our research for our Biticodes iPlex test, we could only find a statement describing the founders of the platform as professional traders and engineers.

Often, however, there is no exact information about the founders of such trading bots. This does not necessarily detract from its seriousness.

How does BitiCodes iPlex work?

After registering with Biticodes iPlex, any user can explore the platform and its features. Here you can view and set all individual settings.

These settings work as basic functionality of the platform. The settings determine how the robot will analyze the market.

Website Bitcodes

In this way, each user has several options to choose from. Finally, by checking the trading platform's activities once a day, the settings made can be adjusted at any time.

Of course, this also has a learning effect, which is especially helpful for beginners. To get a certain degree of certainty, it is also possible to set stop-loss limits.

Features and Special Features of Biticodes iPlex?

Biticodes iPlex is described as a very reliable and successful trading platform. But what is it that makes it so special? We have bundled a few relevant points below.

If you take a closer look at the platform, you'll quickly find your way around. It is very clear and intuitive to use. Registration is fast and all available functions can be used easily and quickly. This is especially an advantage for beginners.

The image of the trading software is quite good so far. There are no negative messages to be found.

Especially in the field of trading platforms, extensive research is always in order here, as there have been several cases of fraud in the past.

However, in this case, we are sure that Biticodes is reputable.

In fact, using the platform is completely free. A minimum deposit of 250 euros is required, but this is used for trading only. There are also no fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Each user is assigned a broker upon registration, who will be available after verification via phone call and will conduct a briefing. The broker deals with all open questions and can also be contacted later in case of problems.

According to the trading platform, daily profits of 500 to 1500 euros are possible, depending on the time invested. The question is whether such claims are exaggerated for marketing purposes or not.

Ultimately, each user has to make their own Biticodes conclusion as to the possible chances of winning.

It is certain that without emotions being sidelined by the activity of the trading platform, hasty decisions can be avoided.

Biticodes uses strict security protocols to protect customer data and funds. This is to prevent possible misuse.

Anyone who wants to register with Biticodes can be sure that they can reach customer service 24/7. According to the official website, they can be reached around the clock via email and phone if there are any questions or concerns.

It only takes a few minutes every day to use Biticodes. The relevant settings must be made and the transactions based on them must be checked once a day.

The findings could be used to adjust the settings to increase the odds of winning.

A Biticodes app does not yet exist. Instead, the application is mobile-optimized and can be used on any device – PC, tablet or smartphone. It is unknown whether an app for Android or iOS is planned.

It would certainly be recommended, because banking or trading now also happens on mobile devices and apps are preferred by many users.

BitiCodes Create an iPlex Account – Manual

You only need to invest a few minutes in opening a Biticodes iPlex account. After the account is finally verified, users can login to Biticodes iPlex at any time.

Step 1: Registration

Opening an account and later also logging in to Biticodes iPlex is done via the official website.

There you fill in the registration form with your first and last name, your e-mail address and your telephone number including country code.

If you then click on “Register now securely”, you confirm the data protection guidelines and the terms and conditions.

Create Bitcoin account

Now your e-mail address will be verified before you receive the call from your assigned broker, who will discuss your previous experiences with you and answer any open questions.

Step 2: First Deposit

If the opening of the Biticodes iPlex account is successful, you must make your first deposit. The minimum deposit is 250 euros.

You can use the payment methods credit card, bank transfer or e-wallets. The same goes for recordings. The amount will then be available to you after a short time.

Step 3: Use the Biticodes iPlex demo account

After the first deposit you can first use a demo account and trade with virtual money. This way you get to know the crypto trading platform and all its features and you can try out the trading without risk.

Taking advantage of this offer is definitely recommended, especially for beginners. Once you start live trading, you are trading with your real money and you always have to take into account a certain risk of loss.

Step 4: Start Trading

Live trading is possible after you have made all the correct settings on the basis of which the platform can trade. Be diligent about this and compare your choices until you find the right one for you.

Later on, Biticodes iPlex withdrawals can be requested at any time if a profit has been made. These are made within 24 hours.

Is Biticodes iPlex Scam or Reliable?

Based on our research, we cannot assume that Biticodes iPlex is a scam.

The platform works with brokers, adheres to security standards, has a solid website with user experience reports and explicitly points out the risks of crypto trading.

We also answer the question of whether Biticodes iPlex is fake with a clear no. After all, there is an official website where even users have commented on their experiences.

This would certainly not be the case with a fake provider. The Biticodes iPlex website also provides insight into the number of active users (560.000) and shows that the proven accuracy is more than 96 percent.

Biticodes iPlex Scam?

It was definitely important to find out if Biticodes could be an iPlex scam. However, we were able to determine that this is not the case here.

To do this, the platform uses highly innovative technologies to protect users' data and funds and make transactions safe.

Not a scam

So you can use Biticodes iPlex without hesitation and grab your chance to win. We have completely dismissed the suspicion of a scam.

What are the user experiences?

Unfortunately, there are almost no Biticodes iPlex experiences online to date. Instead, some user reports can be read on the official website.

In general, these are very positive. All relevant aspects are discussed by the users – from registration to using the functions to customer service.

According to these users, it is very possible to make high profits with Biticodes iPlex and if any problems arise, the customer service or the broker is available.

On the one hand this gives us a very good impression, but on the other hand it also corresponds to our own Biticodes iPlex experience. These were also very positive.

Is an investment in Biticodes iPlex worth it?


From our point of view, an investment in Biticodes iPlex is definitely worth it, as long as the invested capital is handled responsibly.

This means, firstly, that not too much money is invested in it at once, and secondly, that the necessary institutions are chosen carefully.

With an initial minimum investment of 250 euros, the risk is not that great in the beginning, but it should not be neglected – especially not if more money is involved later on.

Profits can be expected at Biticodes iPlex in any case, but no meaningful information can be given about the amount.

Is an investment in Biticodes iPlex worth it?



Is Biticodes iPlex suitable for beginners?

Biticodes iPlex can also be used by beginners without any restrictions. This is ensured on the one hand by the intuitive user interface and on the other by the large number of functions and setting options.

Thanks to the detailed analysis of the crypto market, even beginners can learn a lot and then continuously adjust their settings.

Prior knowledge is therefore superfluous and unnecessary. But also professionals who have already gained some trading experience like to use platforms such as Biticodes iPlex as a supplement.

However, the following tips on how to use trading platforms should always be followed in order to actually make a profit and not take too big risks.

Tips for dealing with the crypto trading platform Biticodes iPlex

Our BitiCodes iPlex review & conclusion:

Overall, our Biticodes iPlex test is very positive - there is clear profit to be made and the platform convinces with a high degree of user-friendliness.

How high the possible profit can actually be depends on several factors and cannot be answered across the board.

In any case, users should take the time to make certain settings and eventually check the automatic trading as well.

But based on our Biticodes iPlex experience, this is no big deal. We are also convinced of the high security standards, the cooperation with brokers and the fast deposits and withdrawals.

Especially for beginners, we can highly recommend Biticodes and the minimum deposit of 250 euros is common for platforms like this. All in all, our Biticodes rating is positive.

BitiCodes iPlex Frequently Asked Questions


Biticodes is a crypto trading platform on which Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and others can be traded. Advanced algorithms are used for this.

We can definitely deny that Biticodes iPlex can be a scam. There is no reason to suspect this.

It is not known who is actually behind Biticodes iPlex. No further details on the founders can be found - they appear to be only experienced traders and engineers.

Some Biticodes iPlex users share their experience on the official website. These are very positive and correspond to our Biticodes iPlex experiences.