Bittrader Experiences – Reliable? The Ultimate Test

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BitTrader is a trading bot that can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for you. The robot can help you trade these products through algorithms and other advanced technology. 

The technology behind the robot ensures that the market is analyzed 24 hours a day and can find the best opportunities to invest in. So you no longer have to determine anything in terms of investments because this is all automatic. 

In this BitTrader review we look at how the crypto robot works and we look at BitTrader experiences from customers who have already used the platform. 

BitTrader is a trading robot that has been developed to automatically invest in cryptocurrency. Behind this robot, AI and algorithms are working to find the best investments. 

With the advanced technology, the robot must be able to perform better than you could have done yourself. 

According to BitTrader customer experiences, you can make big profits with the software. For this you deposit money and set up the robot to get started right away. 

You only need a few minutes a day to see how the robot has done. Then you can just let the robot do its job again and come back a day later for the same check. 


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BitTrader can invest in various cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin, these are dozens of others of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the moment. 

The BitTrader website is available in the Netherlands and can be used on both your computer and your smartphone. This way you can always and everywhere keep track of how your automatic crypto portfolio is doing. 

How does it work? – Bit Trader Review

As you can read in this BitTrader review the platform works through complex algorithms and AI. With this technique, the market is analyzed 24 hours a day to find investments that can yield a profit. 

You can set the bot yourself and thus determine whether you want to day trade more or rather have the bot make investments for the longer term. You can also set things like the risk the bot has to take with investments. 

Analyzing all prices yourself by means of technical analyzes takes a lot of time and is a lot more error-prone than having a crypto bot do it. 

So you ultimately save time when you use BitTrader because you really only have to deposit money and set up the bot. 

In addition, the crypto robot is able to perform transactions at a much higher speed. In this way, it can make an investment in much shorter periods and then sell it again in order to take maximum advantage of minimal price changes. 

A good trading robot can invest in many different products and offers you many options to set up the bot. 

Also, a robot should be faster than human investors. For example, if news comes out that may cause crypto prices to crash, BitTrader should sell your investments before other investors see an opportunity to do so.

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BitTrader claims to have an innovative trading platform. This would be due to its very user-friendly and seamless design. 

In addition to the platform of BitTrader itself, you can also use software such as MetaTrader 4 with your account. 

With these options you can also take on a part of the investments yourself, but of course this is not necessary. You can also just let the crypto robot make all the decisions. 

Is BitTrader reliable? The findings of Coinspot

We cannot say with 100% certainty whether BitTrader is a legit robot. There are a lot of reviews about the robot, but all these BitTrader customer experiences are only positive.

With every review you come across, it's good to ask yourself how reliable this review is. Reviews may have been purchased on a large scale that are not from real customers. 

Furthermore, it is good to know that BitTrader mainly invests in CFDs. These are not the crypto coins themselves, but contracts that allow you to speculate on the price of the crypto coins. 

Unlike many other crypto trading bots, BitTrader does not give a win percentage on the website. As a result, you do not know what to expect after you have signed up. 

Open BitTrader Account – Step by Step

Do you want to start at BitTrader? Fortunately, creating an account is very simple. In less than three minutes you have created your account and you can deposit money and start setting up the bot. 

Below you can read which steps you have to go through before the crypto robot has made the first investment for you. 

Remember that you should never spend more than you can lose. With every investment, your capital runs a risk. 

Step 1: Sign up with BitTrader

Visit the BitTrader website and fill out the form asking for your name, email address and phone number. Then you also create a password and your account is complete. 

By signing up you also agree to the terms and conditions of the platform. You also get access to a demo account that you can use to try out the platform. 

Everything happens via a secure connection so that your data is well protected and you can safely deposit money. 

Start 2: Deposit €250

The second step is therefore to deposit at least €250. With most crypto robots, this is the minimum amount you need to deposit to access the platform. 

You can deposit money at BitTrader via payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer and digital payment methods such as Skrill and Klarna. iDEAL is not available as a payment method.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to determine the time it takes to process a deposit. If you would like more information about this, you can contact BitTrader's customer service. 

Step 3: Demo trading

After creating your account and depositing at least €250, you can really start using the platform. Initially, you will be given access to a demo account so that you can see how it all works. 

With the demo account you can see what the robot does with virtual money with the settings you have chosen. This way you can already think of a strategy before you start using real money. 

As with real money, all investments will be made automatically by the robot. 

How much money can I make with BitTrader?

BitTrader makes no statement about the robot's win rate or how much money there is to earn. The only thing on the website is that Bitcoin could possibly rise to € 319.000, then you would of course make a decent profit. 

Although you no longer need a crypto robot when these kinds of increases occur, BitTrader can help you with investments in between. This way it can try to make money for you on the crypto market on a more daily basis. 

It is recommended to start with a small amount and keep your risk as low as possible. This way you can try out the platform and determine for yourself how reliable BitTrader is. 

Is BitTrader reliable? The test

It is difficult to determine whether BitTrader is a legitimate crypto robot. Despite the many positive reviews about BitTrader online, it is not certain whether these reviews are genuine. 

It is certainly possible that a trading robot will make you money and is reliable. There are plenty of indicators and analyzes available on which a robot can make sound choices and thus earn money. 

If the technology behind BitTrader exists and is well put together, it is also a great robot to invest in coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Bit Trader vs. other crypto robot traders

BitTrader is similar to many other crypto robots like Digital Bitcoin en BitIndex Prime. In these bots you can set a number of things yourself so that you can adjust the risk of the bot to your own strategy. 

BitTrader's crypto robot scores well in many reviews for accuracy, information and depositing and withdrawing money. 



BitTrader makes no statements about how much can be earned with the crypto robot. You are also largely dependent on the developments in the crypto market for the profit. When all prices are rising, it is of course easier to make a big profit than during a bear market.

You can create an account with BitTrader for free, but they do keep a part of the profits that the robot makes for you to reimburse their costs. To get started on the BitTrader platform, you must first deposit at least €250. 

Depositing and withdrawing money with BitTrader should be quick. They use electronic payment methods such as Skrill, which should make it easier to quickly withdraw money into your Skrill account. 

Everything you do in the field of cryptocurrency carries a risk and so you can also lose money with BitTrader. The robot does everything based on analysis by AI and algorithms, but the crypto market remains unpredictable, even for robots.