About Gulden

Gulden (NLG) is a digital currency that bears the same name as the old Dutch currency. Like bitcoin, Gulden uses blockchain technology. Separate wallets are already available for the crypto coin for both desktop and mobile. These wallets are unique because they offer the possibility to make IBAN payments.

In this explanation we will look at what exactly Gulden is and how it works. On the right side of this page you can find the current Gulden rate and the price development of the past 24 hours.

Everything about Gulden

What is Gulden?

Initially Gulden is a cryptocurrency that can be compared to bitcoin or litecoin. Just like bitcoin, there is a maximum number of coins that will be put into circulation, in total there will be 1680 million Guilders. NLG's blockchain uses PoW² and is therefore also called the safest blockchain in the world.

Gulden is more than a 'copy' of other cryptocurrencies, it has an active development team and focuses mainly on the Dutch citizen. This is reflected in the project's apps that are simple to use and available on multiple devices.

Gulden regularly makes the Dutch media:

What makes Gulden unique?

At the moment Gulden is both the name of the crypto coin and the underlying payment system. The project's development team has indicated that it wants to significantly expand the possibilities of the Gulden blockchain with technologies such as Witness and Unity.

With the implementation of these new techniques, the block reward will remain the same (NLG 100 per block). The distribution will be slightly different, NLG 80 will go to the miner and NLG 20 to the Witness.

Where can you buy Gulden?

At the parties below you can purchase Gulden directly with the popular payment method iDEAL.