Pay with Bitcoin

With bitcoin it is possible to make payments worldwide without the intervention of a central authority or intermediary. Transactions in the bitcoin network happen in real time and are completely public. Everyone can see when a certain transaction has taken place and how many bitcoins have been sent.

Are you curious how a bitcoin payment works? And where in the Netherlands and Belgium you can pay with bitcoins? In this article we answer these questions.

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Where can you pay with bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not yet legal tender in the Netherlands. Yet you can pay with bitcoin in more and more places. There are even special initiatives that encourage entrepreneurs to accept bitcoin in their store. One of the most successful projects comes from the Gelderland capital of Arnhem.

Pay with bitcoins

Arnhem Bitcoin City

You probably didn't expect it, but Arnhem is the most friendly bitcoin city in the world. With over a hundred shops and restaurants accepting bitcoin since 2014. This means that you can pay for a day in Arnhem in full in the digital currency. Our favorite places where you can pay with bitcoin in Arnhem are:

  • cafe STOUT
  • Hijman Bookstore Incongruous
  • Restaurant Miss Janssen
  • Hotel Modeza

A complete overview can be found on the website

Ghent Bitcoin City

Bitcoin is accepted in more and more places, not only in the Netherlands, but also among our southern neighbors. The friendliest bitcoin city in Belgium is Ghent. Our favorite spots are:

  • Music Store Arpeggio
  • Piet Moodshop
  • Restaurant The Ribhouse

The total overview can be found on

How does paying with bitcoin work?

To pay with bitcoin, you first need a place where you can send them from. You have several choices, but the easiest is to create your own bitcoin wallet. You can see a wallet as a digital wallet in which you can receive or send bitcoins to other users in the bitcoin network. When you create a wallet, you automatically receive your own bitcoin address; You can compare this with your bank account number. If you are going to pay with bitcoin, you will of course need coins that are in your wallet. See our: buying bitcoin manual.

After you have deposited bitcoins in your wallet, you can transfer them to someone else, or perform a bitcoin transaction. If you want to pay with bitcoins at a store or website, you need the bitcoin address of the recipient. A bitcoin address always starts with the number 1 or 3 followed by a long string of random numbers and letters. Most companies give their address in two different forms: the address itself and the address in the form of a QR code.

After scanning the QR code, the bitcoin address is automatically entered in your wallet. The recipient can also choose to request a specific amount in BTC and include it in the QR code. If this has not been done, you must also enter the amount in bitcoin you are going to send.