Buy Bitcoin Cash

Like other cryptocurrencies, you can buy Bitcoin Cash from multiple sites in the Netherlands or Belgium. The easiest way is to register yourself at a so-called 'broker' or exchange office. Here you can pay with direct payment methods (for example iDeal or Bancontact). The advantage of this is that you have access to your crypto coins almost immediately.

How and where to buy Bitcoin Cash?

Where can you buy Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be purchased from various websites. Below we have set out an overview of parties with whom our experience has been positive. Always try out a platform yourself and never invest money that you can lose again.

The companies in the table are all registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and are known for their excellent customer service.

WebsiteAvailable payment methodsExperience
BTC DirectiDeal, credit card, bank transfer

How does buying Bitcoin Cash work?

To buy Bitcoin Cash you first need your own wallet. You can opt for a less secure software wallet such as Exodus or just for a secure hardware wallet like the Safe deposit† After you have chosen and installed your wallet, you need to look up your Bitcoin Cash address. Since January 2018, Bitcoin Cash addresses start with a Q or a P, this is due to the new CashAddr update.

Sign up at a bureau de change

For each website, you must create a personal account. In our example we create an account at the Dutch exchange office BTC Direct from Gelderland. You can register an account for free via the website:

Please note that companies selling cryptocurrencies have a 'Know your customer' (KYC) policy. Because of this, the company wants to know who they are doing business with, so they ask for a valid ID. For example, a passport, driver's license or identity card.

Buy BCH iDeal

BCH purchase process

Once your account is registered and validated, it's time to buy BCH. Via the cryptocurrency calculator you can enter for how many euros you want to buy a certain cryptocurrency. Make sure that you do not buy 'normal' bitcoins, but Bitcoin Cash. The minimum order amount is € 10,00 with most brokers.

Buy from BCH

Transaction fees and limits

The transaction costs and the limits you can spend per day differ per platform. Below is a total overview of the fees that BTC Direct charges when buying (or selling) cryptocurrencies via their platform.

  • Bitcoin: 2% for buying and 1% for selling
  • Bitcoin Cash: 3% to buy and 2% to sell
  • Ether: 3% for buy and 2% for sale
  • Litecoin: 3% for buy and 2% for sale
  • XRP: 3% for buy and 2% for sale

In addition, there are limits that you can spend per day (or rather per 24 hours). A new account gets the so-called 'Hero level' by default. If you want to upgrade you need to contact the support of the website.

  • Hero level – daily limit of € 2.500,00
  • Satoshi level – daily limit of €10.000,00
  • Trader level – daily limit of €50.000,00


Congrats! You have reached the bottom of this page. We hope you now know everything you need to know about purchasing Bitcoin Cash. Are you missing something in our text or do you want to inform us about something? Then of course you can, you can reach us via the Contact page.