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Do you want to buy Ethereum but don't know where to start? Then don't worry! In this Buying Guide we share our knowledge for buying ethers. First, it is important to understand that 'Ethereum' is the name for the network and not for the cryptocurrency. Your search term should therefore have been 'buy ether'.

How and where can you buy Ethereum?

Where can you buy Ethereum?

The easiest way to buy ethers is at a cryptocurrency broker. Dozens of companies are active in the Netherlands that provide virtually the same service. At first glance, these companies all look alike, but nothing could be further from the truth if you have extensively tested the service. For example, it is very important for a broker to have a good 'cash flow'. You do not want to be told that the broker is 'sold out' when you want to purchase ethers or other cryptocurrencies.

The companies below are actually never sold out. This is because they have been active in the market for years and have gained a lot of experience. It is smart to register yourself with all the providers mentioned, so that you do not run the risk that you will be without an account in the event of a member stop.

WebsiteAvailable payment methodsExperience
Bitcoin DirectiDeal, Bancontact, credit card

How can you buy Ethereum?

You can go to various websites to buy Ethereum. Traders come together on a cryptocurrency exchange and you can exchange euros for ethers, for example. However, exchanges are not for beginners and require the necessary trading experience. Also keep in mind that exchanges are basically in charge of your crypto coins, because you store them on their platform. In the past, the necessary cryptocurrency exchanges have been hacked with as most famous example the Mt. Gox fiasco.

With the iDEAL payment method you can easily buy Ethereum. Several cryptocurrency brokers offer this option. For the convenience and speed you pay some extra transaction costs. The biggest advantage is that you can immediately start trading in ethers, with an exchange you sometimes have to wait for days.

Register at an Ethereum exchange office

We have the best experience with BTC Direct, a cryptocurrency broker from Nijmegen. Via the link: you come to the website and you can register yourself at the top right. Please note that exchange offices such as BTC Direct ask for a valid ID. This may be a passport, driver's license or identity card.

Why are we fans of BTC Direct?

  • Buy from € 10,-
  • Pay quickly and easily with iDEAL
  • Helpful instructional videos
  • Low rates
  • Chat and phone support

Buy Ethereum with iDEAL

Buy Ethers with iDEAL

Once your documentation has been approved, you will receive a message that your account has been activated. After this you can immediately use the trading platform and purchase ethers (or other cryptocurrencies). Via the calculator you can choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy (in this case ether). Then you enter either the number of ethers you want to buy or the amount in euros that you want to spend. For example, think of 0.1 ETH or an amount in euros, for example € 75,00.

buy ETH

The calculator shows you exactly how many ethers you will receive for a certain amount in euros. In addition to ethers, BTC Direct also sells: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin and XRP. These can all be ordered with iDEAL, which is super handy! Once you've clicked the green 'buy ethers' button, you'll be taken to the order form.

The Purchasing Process for Buying Ethereum


The order form provides an overview of your order. You will first see the cryptocurrency you are going to buy and then choose the amount you want to spend.

Select your chosen payment method. For the Dutch, iDEAL is the cheapest and for Belgians Bancontact is the easiest.

After this, choose the bank you are seated at and enter your personal ether address. Don't have an ether address yet? Then you first have to create an Ethereum wallet and get your ether address from it.

You must agree to the terms and conditions. Make sure you pay with an account in your own name. If you do not do this, the order will be cancelled.



As soon as you have completed the iDEAL transaction, you will be given the option to check your ether address for the very last time. Take the time for this because once you click on confirm, the ethers will be sent to the address you provided. Transactions in the Ethereum network are irreversible, so if you enter someone else's address, you lose your money.

Limits and transaction costs

Always start with small amounts if buying cryptocurrencies is new to you. Parties such as BTC Direct also have limits to prevent fraud on their platform. The website has three different levels, all with their own daily limit. The limits are:

  • Hero level – daily limit of € 2.500,00
  • Satoshi level – daily limit of €10.000,00
  • Trader level – daily limit of €50.000,00

Every new account gets the Hero level by default. Do you want to upgrade to a higher level? Then you should contact the customer service of the company. In addition to the daily limits, there are also transaction costs with every order. By the way, having and maintaining an account is completely free. The transaction costs per cryptocoin are as follows:

  • Bitcoin: 2% for buying and 1% for selling
  • Bitcoin Cash: 3% to buy and 2% to sell
  • Ether: 3% for buy and 2% for sale
  • Litecoin: 3% for buy and 2% for sale
  • XRP: 3% for buy and 2% for sale

The transaction costs (fees) are already included in the price that you see on the website. As a result, the BTC Direct Ethereum price can deviate from other cryptocurrency brokers. There are also separate costs for the chosen payment method. For example, a transaction via iDEAL costs € 0,99. These costs are clearly stated on the order form. Curious about the experiences of others with BTC Direct? Also check out the Trustpilot from the company.


So that was a patch, wasn't it? We found it when writing it too! Nevertheless, we hope that you now know everything so that you can purchase bitcoins with confidence. Do you still have an urgent question for us? No problem! You can go through the Contact page feel free to leave a message and we will usually reply within a few hours.

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