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Evert de Groot is a passionate trader with several years of experience and an intriguing background in financial advice and financial technology (FINTECH).

Evert graduated from the Amsterdam Business School in 2001, after which he took his first successful professional steps.

This real money nerd has been active in the financial markets since 2000, and in 2003 managed to turn his passion into his profession.

As a financial expert, he is constantly looking for new successful ways to earn money. Currently, he mainly focuses on the Forex market, although every now and then he cannot resist the temptation to add interesting cryptocurrencies to his portfolio.

He shares his financial tips and experiences through various media channels. Thanks to his detailed analyses, meticulous calculations and in-depth investment knowledge, Evert's articles are extremely interesting to read. It provides our users with first-hand information about the situation in the world's largest exchanges.

Privately, Evert enjoys exotic travel, adventure sports, good food and spending time with his family.