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Cryptocurrencies are an extremely speculative trading tool, which is, however, particularly attractive and interesting for many investors.

Whether buying, investing or trading cryptocurrencies, high returns can often be achieved† For this reason, there are currently many so-called crypto robots on the market, such as, for example, Profit Horizon.

Profit Horizon is a crypto trading robot that allows you to invest in and trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies† Through a complex algorithm, this platform picks out the best deals for investors.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art trading technologies and intelligent software behind it, you can generate passive income even as a beginner† But how exactly does it work and what are the experiences with Profit Horizon?

We took a closer look at this platform and asked ourselves the following questions: What is Profit Horizon? How do you sign up? How does the platform work? Is there a demo account?

And above all: is Profit Horizon reliable? In this article you can read everything about our Profit Horizon experiences!


Profit Horizon is an automated trading robot† The software is specifically designed to provide valuable market data to facilitate trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the software offers real-time data-driven analysis and market insights so that you can make informed decisions.

Profit Horizon uses the latest technologies and a complex algorithm to automatically close the best trades for its clients.

It promises its customers high returns thanks to the mechanism behind the software† The software uses certain indicators and trading signals to identify the best trades as quickly as possible.

The use of trading robots or programs has been around for a long time for investors in financial markets, and now this is also possible for retail crypto investors.

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Crypto robots work like trading software: the best trades are selected for the client based on historical data and associated signals. The optimal entry and exit points are also analysed.

In general, the platform is clearly designed and the trading robot can be used by both beginners and advanced traders.

Profit Horizon is very similar to other robots in the industry and claims to offer automated trading software that can generate profits for its users.

This trading software can be used for free, only the minimum deposit of 250 euros must be observed.

While it is impossible to know exactly how this technology works, it is important to note that there have been many new trading robots in the crypto market lately.

The debate over high-frequency trading (HFT) is essentially a debate about the morality of automated trading machines in the financial markets.

Yet, since the early 90s, there have been numerous automated trading robots operating in the stock and currency markets, which are perfectly legal. 

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Benefits of using Profit Horizon

However, there are also some drawbacks associated with using Profit Horizon:

Is Profit Horizon a scam?

We tested Profit Horizon and made an investment of 250 euros† We were able to make a profit after a few days, but only because we kept an eye on the crypto robot.

However, we should also mention that during our test, Bitcoin's price moved significantly upwards, which of course also impacted our profits.

Of course, there are many trading robots that act fraudulently. However, according to our experience with Profit Horizon, this platform is not a scam. There is always a risk when trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In general, we only recommend trading with robots to people who are aware of their risks and who are willing to take this experiment.

In our experience, Profit Horizon is a legit trading platform† It scores with its wide range of features, which already indicates that this is a serious and legit provider.

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In addition, you can configure the robot to achieve even better results. You can also set stop-loss limits so that you don't lose too much if the worst actually happens.

The minimum deposit of 250 euros is also common in the sector. Profit Horizon does not advertise with excessive marketing, which is a big plus† It is based on factual information and also the way the bot works.

Profit Horizon also does not do network or multi-level marketing (MLM)† In other words, no customers are acquired who in turn have to acquire customers for the platform.

Profit Horizon only makes the automatic trading software available to its customers, completely free of charge.


Our analysis shows that Profit Horizon is a very interesting trading experiment that is primarily aimed at investors who are willing to take risks.

In our test we were able to test the bot and also generate profits, but of course there is always a risk of losing money. Even though there is complex software behind it, you should always keep an eye on the bot.

As with other crypto robots, the minimum deposit is low, and a loss would be bearable in the worst case† As a beginner, we recommend not to exceed the minimum deposit amount of 250 euros.

Since Profit Horizon is a new crypto robot, there are still few reviews about the software. Nevertheless, there are numerous positive reports on the internet, especially about the easy registration and the possibility to generate a passive income.

Trading with crypto coins always involves certain risks, whether with a crypto robot or not. We recommend Profit Horizon for investors willing to take risks.

Profit Horizon login: how do you create an account?

If you want to get your own experience, you must first open a Profit Horizon account. Normally the registration only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Registration

As is industry standard, the registration form at Profit Horizon can already be found on the crypto robot's homepage. In this window you enter your details, such as your name, first name, e-mail address and telephone number.

We recommend that you choose a strong password that consists of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special letters.

However, one thing is certain: registration at Profit Horizon is quick and easy. Instead of questionnaires and numerous verification steps, all you need is a confirmed email address.

Step 2: Deposit

After successful registration, you can proceed with the deposit† The minimum deposit amount is 250 euros, which is standard with most trading robots.

In the first place, we recommend that you do not exceed the minimum deposit, if necessary you can deposit more money later.

If you have never traded with a crypto robot before, you should get to know the bot first and it is best not to invest too much capital yet.

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Step 3: Act

After a successful deposit, your account needs to be verified. A Profit Horizon customer service representative will contact you to confirm your identity.

You can then start trading live, where it is important to always keep an eye on the robot† For an optimal trading experience, you also need to set certain parameters in advance, such as stop loss and take profit.

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 Is the Profit Horizon app reliable? Get to know the opinions of experts!

Profit Horizon offers efficient functions and tools that allow you to execute optimal trades.

The reviews on this platform indicate that it is worth your money as you can trade according to your own needs. Compared to its competitors, it offers an advanced system.

In addition, Profit Horizon is accessible to traders of different experience levels.

On the internet you can find some reviews of Profit Horizon, but they are very different from each other, as with most offers where money is at stake.

Some users are satisfied while others blame the platform for their loss.

As Profit Horizon is a fairly new player on the market, very few reviews can be found on the internet about this.

Therefore, all reviews should be viewed with a degree of caution, as it cannot be ruled out that they are targeted marketing campaigns.

We recommend all risk-averse investors to test the platform themselves to get an idea.

In general, however, there are also many positive reviews about Profit Horizon, especially praising the transparency.

Profit Horizon has a reliable customer service that merchants around the world can contact at any time of the day.

As with most Bitcoin robots, Profit Horizon does not offer a demo account† This type of test environment naturally has the advantage that you can get to know the platform before trading with real money.

However, it must also be said that the minimum deposit is only 250 euros, which is acceptable to many.

During the verification process, you will need to enter some personal information. This way Profit Horizon can guarantee the safety of its customers† Although this procedure is limited, you can count on a safe trading environment.

Profit Horizon offers credit card and debit card as deposit method† Unlike most other trading software, Profit Horizon has no subscription, deposit or withdrawal fees.

Fortunately, this one from Profit Horizon is limited to 250 euros, which can certainly be interesting for novice traders.

In addition, Profit Horizon has no hidden costs, such as subscription or registration fees. So, once you have funded your account, you will benefit from free access to the trading software.

Profit Horizon is completely free and gives traders the chance to invest in crypto in an easy and affordable way.

Since this platform is funded through various trade agreements, you can use it for free.



Profit Horizon is a crypto robot, also known as an auto trading platform.

Once you have registered and funded your account, this robot will complete successful transactions for the customer automatically and without intervention.

Profit Horizon currently does not offer an app for tablets or smartphones. However, it is possible to carry out your transactions via browser.

The website is optimized for almost every type of device and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Of course, it would be desirable if the platform considered offering its own app for Android and iOS devices in the future.

This would contribute to an even better trading experience. However, in our Profit Horizon test, we were able to operate the robot with our smartphone without any problems.

You have undoubtedly heard many stories about people who have amassed a fortune thanks to Bitcoin.

However, this was mainly because they purchased this cryptocurrency at a very early stage.

In general, you can make a profit from it, but whether it will make you rich remains to be seen.

The higher the investment, the higher the profit, but also the risk of loss.

Anyone who does not have the time to trade manually can choose to get started with Profit Horizon.

However, you should never leave the bot running in the background and always keep an eye on what trades are being made.

For investors willing to take risks, this should be a good investment experiment.

In our Profit Horizon test, we could not find any signs that this platform is a scam.