The best Trading and Forex apps

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Online trading is the latest investment craze in 2020. More and more investors are realizing the potential of digital assets.

Because buying and selling equity investments used to require a phone call to a stockbroker, which would then charge you a significant fee to execute this stock trade.

Fortunately, nowadays you can easily enter your own stock trading via the website of your favorite online broker or a specific app for stock trading.

For example, it is not only possible for investors to trade themselves via these apps, but alsoThe large selection of possible apps offers investors a wide choice of how they want to trade personally.

There are apps that automate investments, some help beginners learn the ropes through simplified investment options. Still other apps offer all kinds of research and trading tools that professionals like to use, but with the convenience of the comfort of your home.

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These apps are all eager to take advantage of the large number of traders looking to make a profit in the global financial markets† These brokers give small traders like you great access to the real market that you might not otherwise get because of your small investment capital.

But before you decide which trading app is best for you, it's important to make sure you pick a broker's app that gives you the best chance of delivering profitable trades. Different brokers offer different types of trading platforms.

Read below some reviews of the best stock trading apps for all kinds of different possible investment styles that should enable you to influence the financial market in your favor forever.

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Plus500 is a simple and easy to use trading platform, as well as a very well designed mobile platform for iOS and Android. Opening an account is completely digital and seamless. Plus what's also important: the trading costs are low.

Plus500 is an industry leader in contracts for difference (CFDs) and trading facilities for crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, Ethereum and more), Forex, stocks, ETFs, commodities, indices and options.

Plus500 is considered a secure platform because it is listed on a stock exchange, its financial data is public and regulated by several top financial authorities.

Note: 80.5% of retail investors lose money with CFDs.


Robinhood already launched his mobile app for his website, and that emphasis on the app is why the free (!) Robinhood app deserves a spot in this list. This is one of the best stock trading apps available right now.

And while Robinhood doesn't give you access to a full range of investments, like mutual funds, it works great for stocks and ETFs, plus it even supports a handful of crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin.

The core features of the app are focused on tracking stocks that you own or place on your watchlist. Upgrading to a premium Robinhood Gold account gives you access to margin trading and extended-hours trading, among many other features. It might not do as much as some of the other apps on this list, but it's nice and free.


If you would like to start investing but have no idea what to do, Acorns is the best stock trading app for you† After you link your bank account, Acorns tracks your regular spending and rounds purchases to the nearest dollar value.

These rounded amounts, usually just a few cents at a time, are regularly and automatically transferred to your Acorns account† You can give your portfolio as well as a cash injection by manually transferring money to your account.

Acorns automatically builds a portfolio of investments in stocks and bonds† It does this on the basis of a short questionnaire that you must complete when signing up for a new account. This 'robot advisor style' app then invests exclusively in ETFs to build a broad portfolio that aligns with your investment goals.

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If you prefer to make your own investment decisions, but still need some help learning the basics of investing, Stash is an excellent choice for your needs

With Stash you can start investing with just $5, helping you choose investments while you learn.

Stash is not only a trading and investing app, but it is also an app full of articles and tips to help you build your investing knowledge every time you log in. You can choose to trade individual stocks or ETFs composed in different investment themes, such as innovation or environment.

Forex robots

And then there are other types of apps or software to trade with online† A Forex robot is a piece of computer software specially designed to track a specific set of trading signals and settings in determining the best prices at which you can buy or sell your currencies.

Forex robots are basically intended to eliminate emotional and psychological biases while trading and in addition to automate Forex trading† Such a robot shows you a screen with all kinds of graphs and trend lines.

Most of these are designed to work as expert advisors on the MetaTrader 4 platform, using complex mathematical algorithms to track the markets, important news and announcements.

In addition, they determine the best moments when it should enter or exit the market with trades.

They are designed to ideally assist both novices and experienced international currency traders alike in maximizing their return on investment, plus automate all or part of these transactions.

But regardless of your level of knowledge of Forex trading, you must first fully immerse yourself in such a Forex robot. How it does its job, before you spend money on its purchase or subscription.

Basic functions of a Forex robot

Timely entry and exit of trades plays an important role in influencing the profitability of your trades. So, when choosing a Forex robot, always confirm reliability and order execution speeds first, as these play an important role in determining profitability.

In most cases, such a robot uses a range of technical analysis tools and indicators such as support and resistance levels, order flow and RSI or MACD indicators to identify the best trading points. It therefore pays to start working with a Forex robot that uses more than one indicator, as this is often reflected in the accuracy of its trades.

A Forex robot will also be hard coded and equipped with various features that help in the quick management of open trades. These include risk management tools such as the hard-stop loss, the trailing-stop loss, and profit functions that protect your bottom line or ensure maximum profitability.


Why use a Forex robot

  • Beginner Friendly – You do not need any previous Forex trading experience to succeed with a Forex robot. You just need to familiarize yourself with the basics and know how to stop the Forex bot when you go to lunch.
  • Helps perfect your trading strategy – Winning Forex strategies are developed over time by continuously evaluating your trading history in order to improve your weaknesses and optimize your strengths.
  • more profitable – There are several factors that make a Forex bot more profitable than an average trader. Chief among these is their fast data processing and the analysis that helps them score with higher accuracy.

The Forex robot is also much faster when executing orders. Plus, more importantly, these robots can trade 24/7 so that they can profit consistently from all major price action across all Forex markets.

Not to mention the fact that they help you keep your emotions under control.

There are so many Forex trading robots available that it can be very difficult to know which are the best. So let's take a look at some top automated robots that will let you earn real money right away.

logo forex robot app


Learn2trade is a London based trading education company which is one of the leading providers of Forex trading signals in the world with a success rate of between 89,54 and 93%.

The company offers all types of independent financial traders a variety of Forex trading signals, online day trading courses and support.

Learn2trade emphasizes the importance of responsible risk management and the satisfaction of its customers.

For this reason, the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee if traders feel that their automated system has not helped them make money.

The team reported a 2860% success rate of 92 active members.


CryptoRocket is a crypto, Forex and CFD broker based in the Caribbean St. Vincent and the Grenadines Islands† The broker uses Straight Through Processing (STP) trading which removes the conflict of interest between the broker and traders.

CryptoRocket offers its clients a variety of currency pairs, stocks, indices and crypto currencies to trade through MetaTrader4, the most popular trading platform on the market.

The broker stands out from other competitors in the industry due to its high leverage ratio of 1:500 to create additional options when depositing and withdrawing money with Bitcoin and its encrypted crypto wallet.

binbot logo forex robot app


BinBot is a very advanced and artificial intelligent trading algorithm specially designed for binary options investors.

The tool automates every aspect of Forex trading, starting with conducting market research, perusing charts and graphs to try to chart market movements and predict the ideal time to trade by following the market trends.

With its relatively advanced analytics technology, BinBot Pro optimized to collect market insights and statistics that can be used to project market movements.

This robot trader is already helping many investors today to achieve commendable accuracy in binary options in order to generate a steady stream of profits.

This sometimes goes up to more than 125% on invested amounts, depending on the individually configured tools within the bot.

premium fx signals

Premium FX Signals

FX Signals is an industry leader when it comes to in-depth market analysis and calculation of winning Forex signals.

The brand has built a solid reputation for reliability over the years, thanks to the consistent delivery of highly accurate Forex signals, which can be used for both manual and automated trading.

This reputation is further fueled by FX Signals' emphasis on good risk management practices and tips they send to their member list with every Forex signal.

This is also reflected in the fact that all of their trading signals will indicate not only the best entry and exit prices, but also solid risk management features such as stop-loss and take-profits profit level, plus recommended minimum investment amounts.

In addition, this Forex signal provider constantly monitors the markets for so-called 'drawdowns' and will issue special alerts calling for the liquidation of these trades if they sense a market downturn in mid-trade.

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Finally, we treat Centobot here† This is an automated trading system and a collective term for a wide range of automated crypto trading bots. In principle, Centobot consists of more than ten automated trading robots.

You can choose from this based on factors such as your desired returnst on investments and their own indicators used in analyzing the crypto money markets.

This allows these trading robots to deliver returns of up to 300% of the invested amounts.

You also have the option to go for a specialized crypto trading robot that only trades in a specific altcoin trades or select a general trader that can handle multiple crypto currencies at the same time.

It is important to know that this cryptocurrency trading robot is only compatible with binary options brokers.

Optimize Portfolios

Trading apps, automated or not, are increasingly becoming one of the best options for investors looking to get into the stock market online.

With a variety of useful apps and bots offering a variety of services at low cost, even the most experienced investors can still find opportunities to save money and optimize their portfolios.

This is all good news for investors in, for example, an extremely volatile market such as cryptocurrencies.

However, the choice of your app or bot should not only be determined by the assumed win rates and accuracy in executing trades, but also by the amount of risk you wish to expose your investments to.

We wish everyone with this unique trading software a prosperous and profitable 2020 online trading year!