Cryptoplatform Blockport stopt ermee na bekendmaking STO cijfers

Het cryptocurrency platform Blockport gaat het einde van deze maand offline. Dat maakt de Nederlandse startup zojuist bekend in een blogpost.

As a responsible but unfortunate measure, we have decided to drastically scale down our operations and development. Running our operations and platform as-is without a substantial investment is currently not an economically viable and responsible option.

Though we will not stop passionately pursuing Blockport’s goals and vision, the current situation requires us to take the platform offline at the end of this month and the core team of Blockport will focus its resources on developing the platform in stealth mode. At this point Blockport is not able to generate sufficient revenues to support a full scale operation and therefore, we will now focus on expanding the platform with unique and value-adding technological features, that strengthen our business case for a potential future restart.

STO doelstellingen niet gehaald

Direct aanleiding hiervoor lijkt het niet behalen van de STO doelstellingen. Kai Bennink, oprichter en hoofdstrategie bij Blockport zegt het volgende:

Though very unfortunate, after one month of running our STO we did not reach the threshold amount of 1M Euro that we set as a softcap. All investors that participated in the STO will therefore receive their investment amount worth of Euro back, and the issuance of BPS tokens will not take place.

Mogelijke doorstart

Hoewel het platform eind deze maand nog offline gaat, wordt er in de blogpost ook besproken over een mogelijke doorstart.

We are already in touch with several parties that have shown interest in supporting a restart of Blockport in the future. However, the form or business structure is still unknown and subject to ongoing negotiations.

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